A big desk and 2 keyboards and mice:

Nonetheless, I'm doing well. Been a while since I've "officially" posted here.

I had a bit of miscommunication with family when I was gone, and they ended up clearing out most of my "scrap pile" (ModCron the Case survived the cleanout, but I'm now considering selling it as-is due to my brother finding me finding a "better" one).

I still have "the knack", and a bit of a desire to mod some things, the difference being me starting to save up for college and me balancing projects (that was a weakness: too many ideas, and just as many incomplete projects.

(teaser for the black box in the top-left: it was a SCSI CD-ROM "server" (technically just a rack) that I'm repurposing: getting 4xBD-ROMs, (possibly rebuilt) disk printer, and some motor fun.)