I am planning to soon purchase a 1 terabyte flash drive to replace my 1 terabyte external hard drive, for its smaller physical size, greater durability, and (most importantly) faster data transfer rates, and I am seeking some suggestions for such a device.

My first choice is the Samsung T1, as it has received very positive reviews, and has Samsung's reputation for quality and reliability, but I know that Samsung shall soon be releasing the T3 drive, so I am wondering if I should wait for that drive, instead. The T1 is less expensive than the T3 shall be, but the T3 shall have a solid aluminum casing, compared to the plastic casing of the T1; the T1 uses a micro-USB interface that is now fairly standard and commonplace, while the T3 shall be using the much newer and rarer USB type-C interface, although that situation may eventually change, as USB-C is expected to replace all other forms of USB (an idea that I find to be ridiculous).

Also, there may be drives from other manufacturers that may also be very viable options, as well, so does anyone here have any advice on this subject? Thank you very much.