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Thread: Project series: Trifecta

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    Default Project series: Trifecta

    So, I don't have a lot of good computers, and none I can sell.

    Which means I have a lot of cases I can paint and sell!

    So, Trifecta. Why that? Definitely not going just going to be three cases total! At least six...
    All of these cases have a common theme to them, the fun you're going to have is finding out what it is. You already have most of the clues.

    Each one will have its own separate painting log, and some I don't even know which color they're going to be yet! Not because of indecisiveness, but because... Lack of information!

    Build logs:
    #1: Trifecta Blue (Link TBA, change of plans, I'm gonna sell it.)
    #2: Trifecta Black & White (Link TBA)
    #2.5: Trifecta Green (Link TBA)
    #3: Trifecta Yellow
    #4: TBA
    #5: TBA
    #6: TBA
    Two years. They were great. Let's make the next ones even better!


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    Default Re: Project series: Trifecta

    I'm intrigued...

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