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Thread: Need Arduino Coding help...

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    Default Need Arduino Coding help...

    Hey guys. I have been working on a project and come to the part that has stumped me.

    M\I can not wrap my brain around coding. So would like to ask if someone would like to work with me on getting 2 sketches built that SHOULD be fairly simple. Simple Servo control. One a little more complicated though I think.
    I of course would give you full credit for the info if you're up for it.


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    Default Re: Need Arduino Coding help...

    There's tons of free Arduino introductions, tutorials, guides, and resources. A search for "arduino beginner" lists numerous sites, books, and videos. The Arduino Forum can be helpful. The SparkFun Forum is also a great place to post specific technical questions, plenty of Arduino enthusiasts will happily solve your implementation and code problems for you, lol.

    Not sure what sort of background you have in electronics, programming, or programmable logic. Arduinos come in many flavours - you can even buy them prestamped with runtime interpreters/emulators for limited versions of BASIC, C, ARM, X86, etc - so you might have the option of working with something familiar rather than mastering the entire learning curve for a single project. (I'm not actually very familiar with Arduinos, though I work with a good variety of programmable parts all the time and really like avoiding having to relearn all the part-specific details if I can substitute something I already know or there's any shortcuts to make things work.)

    Which Arduino part(s) do you plan to use? Which Arduino programming boards and software? What sort of "simple servo control" do you need, exactly? Need some details about your desired application, part specs (and budget, maybe, lol), circuit schema.
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