I have an FM radio system that I have had for many years (a Phillips Magnavox, to be more specific), and, while it still works, it is showing its age, as it has become encrusted with grime and its reception is not optimal.

Therefore, I wish to find a new FM radio system, and I have several criteria that I wish for any new system to fulfill. I found this system, the Ion Tailgater Express, which is water-resistant and has a subwoofer, so was nearly perfect, but it has one problem: it delivers only mono sound, which is inexcusable in this era, where stereo sound is the industry standard.

Therefore, my criteria for a new system are that it must deliver stereo sound, it must have a digital FM tuner, and must produce high-quality sound (a subwoofer is not required, but would be greatly appreciated); I would prefer to keep the price of the unit below $100.00, but I could spend more than that if the unit was of exceptional quality.

What does everyone else say about this subject? What recommendations can you make to me for a new FM receiver system? Thank you very much.