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Thread: Why Did Microsoft Abandon Aero for Metro?

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    Default Why Did Microsoft Abandon Aero for Metro?

    I am very fond of the aero system theme that Microsoft introduced in Windows Vista and continued in Windows 7, so I am very displeased that Microsoft abandoned it in favor of the metro theme in Windows 8 and 10; aero looked so beautiful with its clear glass and shiny finish, while metro looks so flat and dull with its solid colors.

    What does everyone else say about this? Why did Microsoft abandon aero for metro, and will aero ever return?
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    Default Re: Why Did Microsoft Abandon Aero for Metro?

    From what I understand Aero was a resource nightmare and caused alot of headache when it came to compatibility of applications. The "Metro" interface is much more streamlined, less resource intensive, and I guess more "modern". I liked Aero too, but I must say I have not missed the "Aero is not responding" or "Your system has defaulted to the basic display settings" when running graphic intensive applications.

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