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Thread: Starting Modding.

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    Default Starting Modding.

    Howdy, just getting into the modding scene and wanted to get some opinions on my case and what I could do to it to make it original and sweet.

    Asus A8N-SLI MoBo
    AMD Opteron 165 overclocked from 1.8ghz to 2.4ghz
    GeForce 7800gtx overclocked
    Hiper 580w Type-R PSU
    4x512 Kingston RAM
    2 Western Digital HD's (200gb) (50gb)

    I might paint the inside black or blue and paint the outside in some ancient alien pattern or something.

    Comments are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    i was thinkin bout usin that psu in my pretty good?

    Quote Originally Posted by intergalacticman View Post
    stunning, how does one tap a hole?

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    Painting the inside is a good idea, it makes for a very nice look. Also, do you already know what you kinda want the outside to look like, the pattern I mean? Like crop-circle type things?

    Anyways, yeah, painting the inside would be good.

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    Hmm... nice rig what could you do to it? well...

    ..when i looked at your case i automatically thougth of a window etch ..don't know why..
    ..painting the inside/ouside is a very good idea..
    ..hiding the wires a bit more..
    (these are the easy things)
    ..more customized cooling?.. like change everything and modd that too .. i'm thinking a combination of copper, aluminum, heatpipes, silent fans, paint and acrylic.. to make everything work better and look better something to the front panel?.. some holes? modeling? acrylic work? mesh? intakes? i like the alien theme idea.. could be brilliant..

    ..hmm.. guess i should go back to modding my case.. i might have some withdrawal issues :p

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    HD's mounted backward and IDE's taken out.

    And the PSU is doing great so far (fairly new), theres also a black version.

    I'm 15 btw, so sometimes its abit hard getting hold of stuff like UV paint, lights etc.

    I'll definately be painting the inside, not sure if I should do it UV or just shiny black. I'll think about the outside aswell, oh and the mesh idea soudns good.

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    I think you shouldn't paint it black, I think it'll make it one dark hole you look in... Instead maybe some kind of blue would be nice...

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    Default Re: Starting Modding.

    I've a crazy idea.

    Just for the way your case looks...paint the whole thing black. Then, open it up, and draw at every corner and edge, with a UV pen or some UV paint, lines. Then pop a UV cathode in there and watch it REALLY come to life.

    Oh, and welcome to the boards!

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