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Thread: X470i Boot OLEDs not lighting up

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    Default X470i Boot OLEDs not lighting up

    Hey guys been a long time since Iíve been on but I need some help.
    Iíve built a new computer but Iíve been getting no signal from it. The motherboard has power (orange light near gpu). All of the fans spin and the Strix ROG leds work. But I have no lights for the onboard
    troubleshooting. Shouldnít there be white OLEDs indicating that the VGA and DRAM are working correctly? To clarify there are no LEDs lit In this spot.
    No white
    No amber
    No red

    Please help me figure this out.
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    Default Re: X470i Boot OLEDs not lighting up

    I had the same problem with my STRIX Z370i. After re-seating everything, swapping RAM around, and various other thing, I tried a NZXT PSU that I had pulled from another machine. It fired right up after that. I really didn't think it was the power supply because I was getting lights, etc etc. The PSU was brand new out of the box, so I sent it back for an exchange. When the new replacement came in, I swapped it back in and everything has been flawless since.

    Hope this helps.

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