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Thread: Why Do Computer Cases Rarely Have Side Fans, Anymore?

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    Default Why Do Computer Cases Rarely Have Side Fans, Anymore?

    My current computer case (a Cooler Master HAF XM) has a front fan, a rear fan, two top fans, and a side fan, so it has very impressive airflow, and most cases in recent years have a similar number of fans, but few cases today have side fans; they still have front, rear, and top fans, so why do they not have side fans? Is that so that they can have clear glass panels to display the internal components of the computer, or are side fans simply no longer necessary?

    What does everyone else say about this? Why do computer cases rarely have side fans, recently?
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    Default Re: Why Do Computer Cases Rarely Have Side Fans, Anymore?

    My guess would be that it's for optimal directional airflow. Suck air in at the front, and exhaust it all out the back. Many CPU coolers also have fans mounted on the side now, where they used to pretty much all be on the top back in the day. Plus, video cards are relatively bulky and power hungry compared to 10-15 years ago.
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    Default Re: Why Do Computer Cases Rarely Have Side Fans, Anymore?

    Because they want you to cut your own
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