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Thread: Removing Rivets

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    Default Removing Rivets

    This is actually really easy to do, but I see far too many people do a lot of damage to their cases trying to remove rivets

    First, use a dremel to cut the rivet so that it looks like a flat head screw. This is an old case. You can be a little more careful here.

    Then use a flat head screwdriver to turn it slightly in both directions

    It will easily break into two pieces

    One or both of the pieces may still be attached slightly, so pull them off with pliers

    I then use a Scratch Awl to push the little anchor piece through

    And that's it! The whole process usually takes me about 30 seconds

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    Almost all PC rivets are 1/8".
    I've found that using a drill with a step bit works wonders and takes less than 10 seconds with practice. Makes the hole look the same, no damage to the case at all. Fantastic. I should upload some pics of a case I'm currently tearing apart.

    This is a stepping bit.

    Worth every penny. I use these things in almost everything. I will warn against using them in a drill press though.

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    I just drill them out with a standard metal drill bit. You can't always get the drill into the right place, but i've never caused damage through it...then again, it's not something i do very often.

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    Great tip. Very helpful I actually wondered how they could be removed funiliy enough.
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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    as a side note. most riviots used in pc cases these days are aluminum. if your stuck doing your work at night like i am and your worried about the neighbours complaing. this method is good for you so long as you do all the drimel work all at once. personaly when im working at night i just put the drimel over the rivot with the drill bit in er and i just hand turn the chuck while applying a little pressure. usually pops them right out in not too long.
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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    I use a dremel with a metal drill bit, each rivet takes less than 5 seconds to do, no damage at all.

    You just get a drill bit that is slightly larger than the size of the hole in the centre of the rivet, once you drill through the thin metal the "cap" of the rivet it is detatched from the pin, so it all just pulls apart!

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    I drilled mine out, but I think I used a bit that was too large. I wanted to use the same size screws that were on the rest of the PC case, but since there are no threads, the screw wiggles a bit in the hole. Should I try to use the next largest bit/screw, or how do I get the screws to stay tight if there are no threads in the hole? Anybody else change rivets to screws?

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    Personally i use a cordless drill and a bit about the same size as the hole the rivet is in. I've done it with excessivly big bits aswell, no damage to the case at all. takes about 5 sec's for alum rivets.

    The key is to let the bit float in the center of the rivet so it doesnt end up wandering. as soon as it bites in, i jam the bit down and POP! Perfectly centered every time.
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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    i'd say a drill of any sort is the best idea, i personally drill rivets a lot at work and all you need to do is use a bit thats a little larger than the inside of the rivet, at worki normally use about a 4mm bit but for a pc case id say it were about 1.5-2mm (though ive not done it with a pc case yet)

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    if your stuck doing your work at night like i am and your worried about the neighbours complaing.
    turn up the radio, so they won't hear the sound of the dremel

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