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    Hey all. I finally started my first modding project aptly named project: cherry. I got some old PC's from a school that was going to get rid of them, and I figured I could use them for practice. Again, this is my first project.

    To start things off, I needed to drill out the rivets and take the chassis apart. I think I might have used the wrong bit, because the screws I wanted to use dont fit. Oh well, I'll deal with that later.

    This is the aluminum case with the front leaning on it.

    This is my work area.

    The loathsome rivets after I drilled them out with the wrong bit :<

    Finally apart and ready for modification and paint.

    My dad's hog in the back.

    More comming soon...

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    I haven't posted any new pics, but I have been working. My designs have been altered and updated, and new pics are comming soon. My side panel design is finished, and I will update soon!

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