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Thread: First Real Noob Build

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    Alright, so i need to spend about 500, on a just normal computer.i only need the tower and i can get all the parts i need.I was just wondering what i could be getting or what i should ask for for 500.i dont need a good video card.As this is just a test computer to learn how to build.
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    What exacly is your computer for?

    I could suggest EBay and get an old dual CPU Pentium2 if you are lucky enough Or some old Macintosh or Pentium3, as P3s are alot like nowadays computers (if you don't get a Slot1)

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    Socket 939 systems are pretty cheap, I'm sure you could get something for under $500 and it would actually serve you pretty well for a while.
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    I agree, for budget computing, socket 939 is where its at.

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    Feels like only last year people were moaning about how expensive 939 was...oh wait, it was only last year. Great technology, it's amazing how short it's life expectancy was. If it wasn't for dual-core hype then we'd all probably be mumbling complaints about how expensive it is to this day.

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