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Thread: So you have fresh modded system, what about the fresh modded install?

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    Default So you have fresh modded system, what about the fresh modded install?

    Everyone here has put paints, plexi, and zip ties into there mod, but modding does not stop there. With every great system comes the need to have a great OS. I mean you don't want to bog down a great computer with a bunch of crap do you , or rather you don't want to? Perhaps, if enough people post how they install there OS than we perhaps can fine tune a way for all of us to get the most out of our super computers, ya? The rules are no promotion of illegal software on the forum, so don't stipulate if you own, borrow, or stole it. This is just a way for the minds of the forum to compile a way to install better and more trimmed installation for the new systems. Now I am talking about a fresh reformat and brand new install.

    The format of the post replies should follow


    (Os:w2k, xp, or whatever)\(Size of partition used for OS)


    A step by step process of what is done, what you use to make your system do what you want it to do, and by what step you install games.

    Then what you suggest to others who chose to do installation of your operating system.


    I merely stat a format so that information can be easily found for those who want to find it. Also allow distinction between posts about OS install and those who wish to make suggestions to others about theres. I give thanks ahead to all those who take the time to type all of that information.

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    Default Re: So you have fresh modded system, what about the fresh modded install?

    Um, sorry to burst your little bubble, but I personally don't care about your format, and you prolly havent gotten many responses cuz no one likes filling out forms. Besides, nothing is that clean cut when it comes to my OS. I don't about everyone else, but I find that I've been tweaking it and tweaking it since i installed sometime earlier this year.

    I started off with an old retail version of XP home, installed normally, then installed service packs 1 and 2, then ran auto update. Over the following months I used countless programs and guides to find little things i could do to get a little added boost. When you take all those little things and add them up, it really makes a differance.

    As for partition, i have windows installed on a 40gig partition with the page file on a seperate drive on a seperate channel. i only formated about 3gigs of the second drive because i wasnt planning on using it for anyhting but the page file. i made sure the second drive was on the secondary channel because if it was simply a slave drive on the priamry, i doubt id see as much of a performance differance

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    Default Re: So you have fresh modded system, what about the fresh modded install?

    After building my rig, I installed windows XP Pro SP2 and then the updates. All installed on one raid setup with 2 160gb sata drives. My mobo only has 2 sata ports so that is all for sata drives. I also have 2 ide channels (dvd and cd on one channel and old drives (old install drives) on the other channel.

    I usually reinstall XP once a year to get a speed boost and cleanup the mess I have made by installing other software I end up not using anymore.
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    Default Re: So you have fresh modded system, what about the fresh modded install?

    DRece, I noticed you didn't enter any advice of your own. So what is this a fishing expedition?

    WinXP Pro
    - 2 HDDs Mirrored
    - Install OS, then SP2, then run updates.
    - install hardware drivers
    - Check for updates from manufacturers web site (repeat every 3-6 months)
    - install secuirty suit.
    - right click on drive C: - properties - general tab - uncheck indexing service.
    - do not use active desktop.
    - do not waste ram space with a desktop picture
    - remove unnecessary shortcuts from the startup folder (repeat as apps are installed)
    - remove unnecessary entries from the registry - run key (repeat as apps are installed)

    These last two things are important to me because I want my machine to load fast. i don't want to piss around waiting for my HP printer driver to load up and check the internet for updates if I just want to play a game. This was especialy important when I was playing online games (like EQ) and my machine would crash. I wanted to get back to playing with my friends ASAP.

    I have a folder in the root directory where I store all my created files. It makes them easier to back up and I don't have to go looking all over the drive for saved games, pictures and music files, etc. I've had my machine crap out a couple times and it usually takes me a month to get it back to where I want it. So after many re-installs I've come to the conclusion that simple is best. I don't waste my time anymore making custom login screens or icon sets.

    I keep a flats directory off the root with installs of apps I've downloaded (like winamp, hackmaster, sketchup, gimp, DAZ bryce/studio, drivers for my old mouse).

    there are a ton of little tweaks you can do to the O/S. Google is you friend. DaveW or Crimson Sky, some one posted a link to a list of 100 things to do. I can't find the link atm but do some gumshoeing and you'll come up with loads of stuff. When I worked for M$ I had a bunch of good fixes for windows 95 but most of them are standard settings in the current O/S's or the reg keys have been changed and I don't feel like searching through my 6 meg registry file looking for them.

    A big one for me is I prefer the explorer view of my HDD NOT the cascading windows with huge icons. Problem is a standard explorer shortcut defaults to the "my computer" folder instead of the root of C:\
    This in the target line of the explorer shortcut that fixes that:
    C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /e,C:\

    I also have a shutdown shortcut on my desktop:
    %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 01

    and my home page for my internet browser is an HTM file called links.htm on my destop. It list hundresd of webpages that I vist on a regular basis. it made up of columns of tables in 5 rows of another table. Its pretty easy to edit using notepad and its easy to backup

    recently I've gotten sloppy and have save a bunch of stuff to my desktop so its cluttered with icons. I usually try to keep it clean.

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    Default Winxp Home Sp2 \ 50GB

    Quote Originally Posted by Cevinzol View Post
    DRece, I noticed you didn't enter any advice of your own. So what is this a fishing expedition?
    :pSorry to make it seem like it, I thought the post would die and I would bury it next to the daises. :p

    Win Xp Home Sp2
    -disconnect pc from internet
    -format drive to have a os partition and set up a document partion
    -install Os
    -Upon Os first boot apply the following
    --activate windows
    --format the drive that will have my doc and the one that will be for ghost images
    --drive letter change ( I have 3 drives and 7 partitions, I like a little order)
    --create a folder in the partition that contains my docs, then make shortcut to the desktop to that folder( allows me to drag and drop and know that it is not on c:\)
    --change virtual memory to a drive that is seperate from the main drive
    -install drivers with the MB being hte first to install than install diskeeper and do a boot time defrag, restart.
    -install firewall and virus, restart if needed
    -do all updates from microsoft, and updates for virus and firewall, restart if needed
    -install utilities, restart if needed
    -install office utilites, restart if need
    -install games
    -install norton ghost and ghost brand new install to the destinated ghost drive.
    -enjoy computing a little worry free.

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