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Thread: Second Hand?

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    Default Second Hand?

    I think I found an alternative to dumpster diving--it's less smelly, and it's cheap. I know, it's not free, but I had to post my findings--The coolest Thrift Store ever!

    I got a PS2 RF Switch for a buck. They're still like 15 bucks at any normal store...

    My other find--A Dish Satellite Box...for 5 I smell a Web Server Mod??
    I can't believe it though--I've been to Goodwill, and many another thrift store, and come up empty, but I think I found my cheap electronics heaven--problem is, there's only one and it's in Wisconsin.

    Heck, they had Firewire cables for 3 bucks, and those are usually expensive, and USB's for the same price...Man, I can't until I go back there with more money!

    Whoa--the Banana guy is dancing to the beat of a song I'm listening to--crazy.

    Wow, I have ADD. Somebody help me.

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    Default Re: Second Hand?

    Calm down and take your medicine.

    Yeah sounds like they have some bargains. It really comes down to either:

    A. Going straight to the store and buying what you want off the shelf
    B. Looking around in Thrift stores for what you want.

    I find that the time lost searching is usually not worth it and offsets the price difference.
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    Default Re: Second Hand?

    Cool another person from Wisconsin.

    I agree, most places like St. Vincent De Paul and Goodwill won't have much electronic stuff. Computers go out of date too fast so they don't like to take up shelf space with it.

    since you're close(er than most people on this board) you might find this interesting

    UW- Swap Shop
    You can also try local tech schools or large corp HQs for stuff. One time I got 200' of CAT5 cable for free once. It was too short for any runs they needed so they were tossing it.

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