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Thread: Who owns a floppy drive?

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    Default Re: Who owns a floppy drive?

    I have a few, but don't use them

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    Default Re: Who owns a floppy drive?

    I have one, Its in my dresser drawer with some of my other parts. I ripped it out of my old computer when it died. I don't even know if the drive works. I honestly don't know the last time i used a floppy. I'm only 18 and I'm new to system building. (Ive done some tinkering, and i Know how to build a system, but i cant say that I've ever built a system from scratch) My experience with floppies is pretty much just what my mom has had laying around since my child hood. I remember thinking that it was fun to slide the little protective door back and forth. Ive opened a couple up i think.

    I just remembered that i actually do own ONE floppy. It came with a book i got for Christmas to learn C/C++. I have no clue were it is, and if ever use it i will most likely copy everything to the hard drive. All it has is a bunch of sample source codes.
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    Default Re: Who owns a floppy drive?

    I keep one handy in my box for flashing BIOS's and other driver things

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