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Thread: winxp phpbb forum installation walkthru

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    Default winxp phpbb forum installation walkthru


    I wrote this help file to help others set up a free forum on a winxp server at home. It may not be perfect but it contains a free way to set up a forum step by step. I took info from all types of sources and finally got it down to step by step. It will also help with just setting up a webpage in general too if you have a free computer at home and I find it is a good starting point for the beginner. From thsi they can move on into more complex setups using apache and such and addding extensions and all that good stuff.

    To start I will outline what programs you need and their site where to download from.

    1. PHP = (the version I grabbed was php-4.3.4-installer.exe)
    2. MYSQL = (the version I grabbed was
    3. KeyFocus Web Server = (the version I have is kfws25.exe)
    4. phpbb = (the version I grabbed is
    5. DYNDNS = (nothing to download but need to set up an account)
    6. DeeEnEs= (version I have is OR DynDNS-Updater = (version I am using is ddusetup.exe)

    ok so those are all the programs you will need and there all free

    Now how to Install and configure it all.



    NOTE: This is for setting up a domain name for a dynamic internet account.

    You need to go over to and create an account. This is free also. For myself I have a dynamic Ip so need to setup a domain name to map to my ip. Anyways once your account is setup go and create a domain name by going to accounts and there will be a table and click on the add host beside Dynamic DNS. Choose the domain name and I use the extension of

    Thats all for that.



    This is a very simple programyou can get here and what it does is basically take your dynamic ip and update it to the dyndns website so that it knows where to map your domain name too.

    When you grab this package there is no install just an *.exe that you run and a globe wil appear in your task bar. Right click it and go to accounts. A window will appear and you set 4 options. For server there is a pull down menu and you just pick the one you chose when you set up dyndns. For hostname would be the first part of your full domain name. (example: so it would be bob. Next put in your username in User name and password in the password section which you use for the dyndns site to login. Once it is filled in dont worry about the other options unless you used them so fill them out accordingly and click the add button. Then click ok and your donw with that screen.

    Next right click the globe again and select properties. Put a check mark in start up automatically and while your at it a checkmark for check for new versions. The rest of the options are set to the following.

    First check after = 1
    Force update after = 28
    IP detection = web based from pull down menu
    Interface = dyndns from pull down menu
    Check every = 10 minutes from pull down menu
    Offline ip address =

    some of these you will not have to change and can be left at default. The ones I have listed are the ones I feel are mandatory and just leave everything else alone.

    Just let it run now in background and your good to go and it will turn on when you restart the computer.


    INSTALL DynDNS-Updater

    This is an other simple program and actually comes with an added feature which I will show thru the walkthru to show the simplicity of this dyndns updater. You can get it here and need to scroll down the page to find it.

    1. Install the software
    2. The program will ask for settings after install but if you miss it its in the start menu -> programs -> DYNdns Updater -> DynDns Updater Traytool
    3. For the options screen either at the beginning or via right clicking on the icon in the taskbar you will need to be at the option screens. Make sure that the pull down menu is at webbased and I put it to check every 45 minutes. thats all for the options page.
    4. Next is the Manage accounts page. This is very simple since I have shown how to you dyndns for the accounts just click the import from the web button and put in your dyndns username and password and click ok and it will fil those in itself.

    That's it. Your done with setting up that program.

    NOTE: The choice between these two programs is up to you. DeeEnEs has some more features like the wild card option and other settings that you might have picked while setting up your domains. I on the other hand just picked a name with no extra options so found the DynDNS Updater to be a lot quicker and easier to use. Also found it isn't being abusive from updates as much. So depending on how you configured will decide on which of these to use and you can go ahead and try both and find which one suits your needs most.


    First thing we need to do is grab the file from and grab the latest php installer file. Once you have install it.

    1. next
    2. I agree
    3. Standard
    4. Next (leave it at the default directory)
    5. For the option for the smtp didnt really know so i just put in the info that I use for outlook for my email.
    6. NONE (choose none since you are setting up your own webserver)
    7. Next and this will install

    Once that is done you are done installing.



    Ok so now run over to and grab the mysql file.

    1-Install Mysql

    2-get to c:/

    3-cd mysql

    4-cd bin

    5-mysqld-max --standalone(to start server)

    6-mysql -u root

    7-set password for 'root'@'localhost' = password('password you choose');
    -(example: set password for 'root'@'localhost' = password('billybob'); )

    8-mysql -u root -p

    9-put in password

    10-create database (database name); (example: create database myforum

    11-connect (database name) (example: connect myforum)

    12-GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON (database name).* TO username@localhost
    -> IDENTIFIED BY 'password you choose' WITH GRANT OPTION;

    (example: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON myforum.* TO bob@localhost

    If you want to check how things are going you can use winmysqladmin.exe found in the C:\mysql\bin directory.

    Mesh makes the world go around!!!!

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    Default Re: winxp phpbb forum installation walkthru


    Now to install phpbb to a directory is easy. Just go to the website at and grab the latest phpbb files. Next unzip the file and put the files contained to the directory of your choice. I just put them on d:/ and thats it.



    These Instructions can also help you setup your own webpage too with some slight changes.

    Ok so now run over to the Key focus website and grab the Kf webserver program at

    1. Install the key Focus web server program

    2. start up the program

    3. In your taskbar by the time there will be a icon with a world and a diskdrive looking thing. Right click it and go to administration.

    4. At this point it will ask you for a username and password so go ahead and fill those out and make sure to remember or write it down somewhere.

    5. Now at the top there is a link to web Sites. Click on it and a new page will open

    6. Click on add

    7. Under the settings option name waht you want to call this in the Web Site Name: text box, In the document root show the path to the phpbb folder. (example D:/phpbb), and in the directory index textbox add index.php to it.

    8. click ok and save and restart

    9. now you will see your site listed but click on the little finger pointing to the piece of paper and open it up

    10. Now click on advance and fill in the appropriate info. for server name and server match name put in your domain name you created at dyndns. Your bind address is your ip of that computer. Leave it at port 80 and if you have a router make sure to open that port. And you can put in an admin email if you wish and leave everything else at default.

    11. Click ok and save and restart

    12. Now at the top click on the security option and choose directories.

    13. Click add put the directory of the phpbb folder and choose freeforall for the realm and say ok

    14. Save and restart again and your all done



    1. To configure KF Web Server to recognise PHP go to the Administration page and then to the MIME menu.

    2. The following MIME type should already be configured "application/x-httpd-php", "php php3 php4" when you look thru the list of them

    3. Next go to the "CGI Filter Mappings" menu and press the add button. Enter "application/x-httpd-php" as the MIME type and then add the full path of the PHP.EXE file. This will be located where you installed PHP. e.g. C:\php\php.exe"

    4. Select "EXE, system variables only" for the "Interface" field.

    5. Press "OK" and then press "Save and Restart".



    Ok you are almost done.......

    Go to an other computer that has web access and type in (This is dependant on where you installed and stuff but you are trying to get to the install.php from the net and sometimes just typing in the domain will auto you to the install.php page anyways.) This should take you to the installation screen for phpbb and I found that just putting in my domain name brought me to it since it wasnt configure yet. Make sure your mysql database is running. Now it will ask you a couple question like domain name, database name, database username, datbase users password. It will also ask you for an admin name, admin email address, admin password so just fill those out. lastly make sure you choose the right version of mysql at the top and make it 4.x.x..

    If everything was done right then when you hit the instal button it will say thats it installed without errors.

    Next You want to go to and sign in and configue your board how ever you wish.

    Good Job!!!!! Your done....


    I hope this helped you and if you have any problems there are places to get help such as the phpbb forums. Also if you have Mirc then you can go to to get info on how to join there help channel and they also have a #mysql channel on the same network.

    here is a list of websites I used to get this all figure out along with all the links prevously have help files floating around.

    There is also a manual on the mysql site that you can download.


    This help file was written by Whisp[TR], aka Whisp
    Mesh makes the world go around!!!!

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    Default Re: winxp phpbb forum installation walkthru

    Note: Some programs and such may have changed and walk thru above is to give a general idea of some commands and setups.
    Mesh makes the world go around!!!!

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