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Thread: The first steps for a custom box...

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    Default The first steps for a custom box...

    I sure am glad i could find a forum devoted to custom case creation, as my latest foray into custimization has gotten me stuck. And I haven't even gotten the materials i'm building with :p I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction so i can get... well, started!
    I recently bought what i assume is a steel box to serve as the base of a custom LAN party rig. The problem i've run into (beofre the box has even arrived in the mail) is the question of how to mount all of my computer parts to the inside of the box. My hope is to keep the exterior of the box looking the same way it will as the day i get it in the mail. Of course there will be holes for leds, power, monitor, usb, cd-rom, etc, However i'd prefer not to have to nut and bolt the chasis to the box. I've come up with a few ideas, but i'm not quite sure which is the best way to make sure i end up with a good looking, solid, and rugged case I can use for years to come.
    This is what i've come up with so far, and by no means should be seen as a complete list of possibilities.

    Plan A: Stop by a local recycled computer store and take an old outdated atx system/case off their hands (or just grab one out of their dumpster). Remove and trim the motherboard tray and drive chasis to fit, and use those parts to secure my hardware. However, this method would only work if i could find a way to reliably and permanently bond aluminum to steel... Which I haven't.
    Plan B: Find a case that has a steel chasis and mb tray and use tack welds to mount it to the box. A seemingly impossible task so far.
    Plan C: Build a custom chasis and just nut and bolt all needed connections to the bottom of the box.
    Plan D: build my own steel chasis for drives and power supply, and mount the motherboard standoffs directly to the box. this leaves me again with a metal bonding problem, brass standoffs to a steel box.

    I'd be glad for any help you could afford me. Seeing as I haven't even gotten the box yet and I'm having problems, chances are I'll be back again and again with questions. However i'll take pics every step of the way and post them with what i've learned in the process for everyone's benefit of course
    Looking forward to your responces!


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    Default Re: The first steps for a custom box...

    I would go with Plan A:

    then use stand offs and the handy tap and Die set to mount the mobo to the case. Removeable mother board trays and prefered with a lot of PC builders. It gives the option to remove the Mobo and have the freedom to work on with out having to be able to squeeze oneself into that case as well.

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    Default Re: The first steps for a custom box...

    If you have the means and the skill to do tack-welds, why not make up brackets or plates with threaded rod welded onto them, tack-weld those to the case, then use the threaded rod to attached the mobo tray, drive brackets, etc. Obviously a lot of planning and fitting would be involved but if you're going for a custom case, that goes without saying.
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