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Thread: Another mouse fan mod

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    Default Another mouse fan mod

    Heres a ton of pics with some captions. so far the mouse works great,i just need to make an intake because i didn't consider its trying to suck air out of closed space. easy fix though. so heres the pics/worklog

    Stock MX510 Logitech 8 Button mouse.

    Logitech mouse with holes in it

    I held the dremel in a vice so i could get a very fine line for the circular part. It actually turned out well because there was round logitech logo, so i removed that and used the indentation it was in as a template basically.

    The fan fits perfectly in the hole in the mouse after trimming the fan down to size and enlarging the hole in the mouses inner shell just a little bit.

    Now that the dremel work is done, time for a cold one. They brew this across town, good stuff.

    Now to the electronics. the mouse is powered by a usb port. as most of us know, usb means 5 volt power running straight to the device. problem was that they had extremely fine solder points where the line met the board. so i carefully soldered 2 leads on the back side where the 5volt line and ground were, and it was very successful.

    Perfect, 5 volts running straight through. time to hook up the fan. ghetto rigged first to make sure i didn't need to slow it down or anything.

    then of course, the parts before final assembly

    Put it all together and i got me a nice cool hand for cappin' those CTs

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