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Thread: Project: unit 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by b4i7 View Post
    you know, reading the comments on there, makes me wanna go jay and silent bob strike back and go door to door and deliver a smacking
    thats why i dont read their comments.. i just get depressive ^__^

    so anyways, this one is finished, next mod starts in bout... 10 hours.. no.. 9

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    Default Re: Project: unit 4

    i cant wait to see what you got for us next!

    Quote Originally Posted by intergalacticman View Post
    stunning, how does one tap a hole?

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    At first the comments were kinda funny:
    Quote Originally Posted by Simpsons-Movie-ruled
    Hes kinda creepy looking.
    (OK i do slightly agree on that point :p)
    But then I realised these people are idiots.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Tuffy
    I assume he didn't bother installing a water cooling kit. I mean, what are the chances it will overheat and melt down?
    So take what all those haters say with a pinch of salt. In my opinion this, just like the game, is an amazing monument in memory of the disaster. For that u deserve respect.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Buddhist View Post
    I'm starting to worry that I may become genuinely funny at some point. Then there will be no hope.

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    Default Re: Project: unit 4

    I left a comment on there earlier today but it isn't showing up yet, I guess because I just opened the account.
    "At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost..." -Dante Alighieri

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    Just tell them to STFU lol, it always works for me.
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    Nice to meet everyone.

    simulation credit auto

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