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Thread: Tutorial Request Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool1Net6 View Post
    How to power a fan using a ___(blank)___ connector? (USB, FireWire)
    that would be cool, anyone know a place to get black or solderable usb 2.0 ports?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdbnsn View Post
    Maybe I should specify home server like a media storage server that other comps can access. Is that still a server?
    Sorry, it's been a while since I've read this thread. At the most basic level, yes it is. I had a WinXP Pro box that sat in my basement with a few hard drives in it. Then, I shared whatever folders I needed to, and the other PC's in my house accessed music and movies through it. I started experimenting with Linux and Server 2003 so I moved everything that was in that box to an external HDD hooked up to my main system. I still have the media directory shared so I can access songs and stuff from my other PC.

    Once we get moved to the new house, I'm probably going to be setting up 4 PC's. This one, one for the kids, an extra one for me, and then probably a server of some sort. I'll probably use Fedora 7 on the server to host a small intranet, a proxy so I can restrict certain sites for the kids. No sense in setting that up right now since we're going to be moving so soon. I promise I'll do a tutorial as I'm geting things set up.

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    a tutorial on how to get a sponsor ? Already discussed
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    Yea, thats the bad part.

    BLiZZaRD: can you create a tutorial for creating a flash audio/video recording interface? Ive got Flash Media Server now.

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