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Thread: Vista tips?

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    Default Re: Vista tips?

    CB: It was slow because it was running solely from the CD. Once it's installed, it will be smooth sailing.

    Don't worry about drivers either; there really are none. Besides 3D video drivers, everything will detect and install itself. And if you're at work, I doubt you'll need them.

    And don't worry about the command line either. It's sooo easy to pick up, I use it for almost everything on my server now (with the exception of GUI specific things). If you know a few DOS commands, you already know a few Linux commands. Most useful to learn off the bat:

    cd - jump into a directory
    su - total root access
    sudo - temp. root access
    tar xvjpf - extract .tar.bz2 files (or right click heh)
    tar xvzf - extract .tar.gz files (or right click)
    mv - move a file to a new location ("mv words.txt /usr/var")
    nautilus - the command to open the file browser in Ubuntu
    gedit - the command to open the text editor Gedit

    Also, don't really worry about learning all the stuff right away. You'll find out something you don't know when you need it, and then learn it then.
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    I was using Unix shell scripts twenty five years ago sitting at a workstation linked to a computer the size of a house. I've programmed in Asssembly language, Machine code, Basic, Cecil, Pascal, Fortran, Visual Basic and SQL.

    I'm not scared of command prompts

    I am scared of Bill Gates hegemony

    "in a world without walls and fences we wouldn't need windows and gates"

    Thanks for the encouragement Mal.

    And yes .. windows 98 SE was the last good thing MS did.


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    Default Re: Vista tips?

    The only vista tip that counts

    1. run ya vista DVD thro a paper shredder
    2. curse and scream at your computer till nothing happens (usualy takes a very short time but can continue for hours depending on user satisfaction)
    3. slap yourself with a linux (prefferably ubuntu seeing as its very userfriendly) book till ya can memorize every bit of it
    4. reformat your hard drive and choose a OS thats actualy worth using
    5. smile when ya realize that beryl makes vista's aero look like a pile of horse dung...
    6. thank me for showing ya the light
    micro$hit will roast in hell... but linux will live on forever FREE SOFTWARE FTW!!!! STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!! (i tend to be a lil rebelious)

    now plz stop hidin under the ingnorant shade of micro$hit and realize that the truth shall set u free
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