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Thread: Is this dangerous?

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    I was thinking about water cooling my pc, and I was wondering how often you guys have had leaks? and whats a good low budget water cooling system? Also, where do you mount the resevoirs? and the radiator?

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    u don't get leaks if you properly leak test the sustem first. though, beware the danger den/swiftech hdpe reservoir. fill cap seal doesn't work. trust me i have one.
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    Use hose clamps and leak test for a minimum of 24 hours and you will be okay.


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    Actually, if you instal the system properly, the chances of having a leak are close to none. I have found that the best water cooling system for newcomers is the Coolermaster Aquagate Mini. I have one, and it coudn't be simpler to install! It consists of one module that acts as a pump/reservoir/radiator and a CPU waterblock. However, you cannot buy more waterblocks; it's a CPU only kit. It comes prefiled and basically preassembled, you just have to install it in your case and there you go. It sells for about $100. Here's a link to FrozenCPU:
    This is the 120mm version. The 80mm version is $10 cheaper.
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