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Thread: Building a new computer

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    how do you think $700 sounds ?
    with P4 3.2 ghz, 1gb memory, 120gb hd, dvd-RW, 128mb ATI graphic, 17" LCD

    is that better for you instead of spending $3000 ?

    get it all at

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    Get AMD if u want to game. they overclock great as well
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    I wanted the server board because it will have lots of room for memory. and if i get really good parts i wont have to keep buying new ones every year. it was just an idea, i wasnt going to buy it, i thought about it.

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    thats a good idea speed_arrow. can you tell me the site to get all those parts from. thx , but if i keep one thing from my old idea, it will definitly be the dual sli video cards.
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    IMO, AMD for sure. AMD performs better than Intel when in the gaming field. Also, make it an Athlon 64 processor, which will be able to be used in most of today's SLI motherboards. Looking at, you can get a 3500+ Venice core processor for $267. I wouldn't go much higher on the list, because if you see, you get less and less performance for every dollar higher than that. For the motherboard, I recommend the DFI NF4 SLI-DR Lanparty motherboard. It will support the video cards you're looking for, as well as many people seem to think highly of this board. Now comes the fun part, the video cards. Here's going to be the main expense on your computer, since your thinking of SLI configuration. If you look at for example, your 7800GTX cards are going for over $500 each! Compare that to a slightly weaker 6800 256MB SLI cards for as low as $224 each. Although you get a slightly less performing set of cards, you just saved over $500 in just the video cards. For the memory, go at least 1GB of memory minimum.

    One recommendation, look at benchmarks. Compare similar products, like the 6800 vs. the 7800, and see if the stronger performer is worth the extra money.

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