I picked up one of these yesterday for my msi 6600gt pci-e. I found that the stock heatsink gets very hot and found that the heatsink wasn't of the usual msi quality so I tried this.

Installation was very easy and i found that it is very well built.

I have tested temps running the unit off the 12 v and find that it is still peretty quiet. this unit is for non overclocked systems which is no worries since I dont overclock but I could probbaly get a slight overclock out of the card if I wanted too. Anyways at stock speeds these where my idle temps.

Stock was 45 degrees c at idle and with the xalman gpu cooler my idle temp was 37 degrees c using arctic silver 5. I might update the paste to some ceramique later but find that these temps are fine. These results are after 24 hours of the system running with 1 hour of prime 95 to really get the card heated up and let the paste settle a abit.

I will update if i see any big differences after the thermal paste has settled in for a few days.

Overall I am very pleased with this unit so far.

pros: easy to install, looks nice, quiet , built solid and pretty decent results
cons: can't think of any