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Thread: Optimus Prime Gamecube

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    Default Optimus Prime Gamecube

    So I have an old gamecube I'd like to mod and heres the concept for it I came up with in SketchUp with a gamecube model and autobots insignia I downloaded. So please tell me what you think.

    Not really sure when I'll actually be able to get started on it.

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    Default Re: Optimus Prime Gamecube

    Thanks! I hope I can make it happen sometime relatively soon.

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    Default Re: Optimus Prime Gamecube

    ja I tried to mod my gcn but u need a stoopid special tool to open it up!!! have u got that?

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    Default Re: Optimus Prime Gamecube

    Nope. I have the case open though. You can find on this site how to open it up without the tool. It'll be under the tutorial section.

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    OMG!OMG!OMG! Sick concept! Please work on this please!
    I Like to mod it! Mod it! I like to Mod it! Mod it! Yeah! Like to, Mod it!

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    nice concept...

    so it'll transform right? lol, if you manage that i'd worship you


    i hope the movie is good, all the other remakes have been crap

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    Man...I wish I could make it transform but im not quite that innovative =P. Next time i scrounge up some money I'm going to go buy the supplies though =]

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    im digging throught that box right now actually looking for points to solder stuff to. but you looks like you got the hang of sketchup since yesterday

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    Cool Idea dude, but everyone knows Star Scream is cooler.....
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