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  1. Hardware Reviews
  2. ATI or Nvidia
  3. pentuim or AMD
  4. Mod or the Computer
  5. Do you enable Vertical Sync?
  6. test vote
  7. TBCS Art Contest Voting
  8. How Many Cores Do You Have?
  9. How Much Hard Drive Storage Do You Have?
  10. What's the Most RAM you Have in One PC?
  11. How Many Computers do you Have?
  12. How Many Video Cards do you have?
  13. Type Of Cpu Heatsink Material
  14. Motherboard manufacturer?
  15. Your Favorite PC Company?
  16. How Much Hard Drive Space Are You Using?
  17. DVD/Media Format
  18. How BIG is Your Monitor?
  19. what's your favourite os
  20. What's your overall Windows Vista Experience Score?
  21. Changing the Industry standard; yay or nay?
  22. what's your windows 7 experience index
  23. How much time on the average day do you spend on TBCS?
  24. how many hours of sleep do you get a night
  25. How often do you check out the TBCS front page?
  26. How often do you use TBCS Chat?
  27. What type of Graphics card are you most likely to liquid cool?
  28. How many other forums do you visit?
  29. Fed up with doctor's incompetence?
  30. How Many Cores do You Want?
  31. ATi or Nvidia?
  32. whats your sensitivity on fps on consoles
  33. Do you have a Skype?
  34. to prove a point.
  35. Browser choice
  36. How much TIM do you buy at a time?
  37. Do you own a HTPC / Media Center PC?
  38. Android or Iphone?
  39. Linux, windows, macintosh.
  40. How far do you drive in a day?
  41. How do you like the new Forums?
  42. AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?
  43. Intel or AMD, What's your CPU
  44. What's more awesome.. xbox or ps4.. or ?