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Thread: It's my favourite weekend of the Year!

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    Default It's my favourite weekend of the Year!

    Ahhh the joy! I love watching the bikes.
    It's the Australian round of the MotoGP this weekend. It's also the first time we have an Australian World Champion since the days of Mick Doohan back in the 90's.
    Not only is Casey Stoner a World Champ with a cool name, he has a super hot wife too!
    MotoGP is the one thing that goes higher on the priority list than pretty much any else. Including work, which is why I'm taking the weekend off.

    So it's almost time for me to finish work, go home for a couple of hours sleep then it's drinking time!
    A good mate is riding to my place from Dubbo (about a 5 hour trip) today so he can watch it at my place and get drunk with me.

    Basically I won't be back online until Monday sometime when I sober up.

    GO STONER!!!!

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    Default Re: It's my favourite weekend of the Year!

    Which is exactly ho I will be for the Irish round of the WRC! But the best thing about that is that it's a 4 day weekend!!!
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    Default Re: It's my favourite weekend of the Year!

    And I was thinking that maybe it was your fav weekend cause it's my birtday...

    Have fun!!!

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