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Thread: Won't be around the forums too much...

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    Default Won't be around the forums too much...

    If you are wondering why I'm not here too much and going to be here a lot less is I'm moving house again soon. I have to go spend my spare time doing that rather than be here, but in the words of Ned Kelly, Such is Life.

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    Default Re: Won't be around the forums too much...

    you gotta do what you gotta do. no worries
    Do origami to calm yourself when something doesn't make sense or fit! haha, if all else fails get the paper you folded and burn it for no apparent reason.

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    Best wishes with the move Bucko.

    I too haven't and won't be around much as a) in hospital I can't mod and b) I have been concentrating on building my meditation forum (Mind Modding in my sig).

    b) is going very well. Launched two weeks ago .. nice slow start (what I wanted) got 35 active members and growing daily ... just been reviewed by a Buddhist magazine.

    The big one is that with some clever coding, metatags and a bit of link-seeding, have moved during those two weeks to being on the first page - and first place in most instances - for all the main google searches that I would want people to find us by.

    I'll be back and more active when I get home and start modding again but been in hospital eight weeks now and they are no nearer to understanding what's wrong (they aren't trying - it would help!) so no nearer to helping me leave in a fit state. More news on my homepage ...

    I'll stop now. It's not a thread-jack ... more a quick hello, catch-up and "see you again soon" .. so same topic.

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