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    Ok, I finally got around to re-writing the Java program. The times are almost identical to what they were earlier, crenn.

    But I am getting an out of memory error. When I go higher then 10,000,000 so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lothair View Post
    I guess it's just widely used and has had some of the best people in the world work on it, costing a ridiculous amount of money, for no actual reason. :/
    Have you checked out the front page lately?
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    I'm not the best at the optimization, but I can solve some problems pretty fast. Came in second in a programming contest for all high school students in the state and won a Wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weazel6265 View Post
    Au Contraire Indy, it is very much a do-something machine. It works as described. Heres another one that counts from 0000 to 9999, and prints the numbers.


    And by the way, I think there is a +rep in order for whoever figures out which language my last two programs were written in...
    that is abit of a "brainf**k" isn't it
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