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Thread: Command and Control Center

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    Default Re: Command and Control Center

    The same concept crossed my mind a few years ago, when I saw an article on these...

    Talk about some cool things you could do with one of them and enough money!!

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    Default Re: Command and Control Center

    just wanted to revive this thread with an update on my command center i learned that FrooP could be used to something or.. at least cloning him a few times payd off

    is that a 120.9 raddy on your case, or are you just happy to see me?

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    Default Re: Command and Control Center

    I personally like the idea of a subterranean base in Antarctica. Have a shallow dome as the roof of one part and since it's windy as all hell there, have a ton of small wind generators to generate power. I'd have a huge hydroponics center for food and possibly an indoor greenhouse/arboretum too. For defenses I'd have laser cannons that pop out of the ground to destroy anything that approaches the base that I don't want coming near me. For interior defenses I'd probably have it so it takes a while to get to the base itself from the entrance... such as a labyrinth, vacuum chambers, etc... like crazy stuff from Half Life also but without the aliens or zombies, lol.

    As for offensive capabilities, I'd probably have various types of long range missiles, a robot army, subterranean vehicles that double as submarines (something practical for leaving a continent that is mostly ice), human soldiers with powered armor (like a nanosuit or something), a "TV Satellite" that is actually an ion cannon (muahahaha), some aircraft that can run along the ice fields and not be blown around by the high winds of Antarctica, some sort of battlemech, etc. etc.

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    Default Re: Command and Control Center

    you need a toilet and a fitness gym room cuz even evil geniusses go to the toilet

    also need more than just a dremel because if you are gonig to like there you need a full work bench and a postage parcel shoot for those deliveries from computer websites

    just tring to help
    Quote Originally Posted by Drum Thumper View Post
    you tease!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke122 View Post
    Ok, let's get serious.

    100% off the grid. Solar/wind/generators for power, well for water, I would want it to be 100% self contained, and completely free of any need from the outside world. A garden/plantation for food, some chickens/cows for eggs/milk/meat, and preferably a lake for fish and swimming.

    Of course, I'd own the entire property around the lake, so no one could mess with it.

    Control center for the "compound" (ooohh.. scary) would be underground, in a bomb shelter/bunker, with enough supplies to last indefinitely. Full security fencing around the outside with cameras and breach detection to prevent unauthorized entry.

    I would of course have myself a completely silent underground audio room, built to be completely acoustically dead for critical audio listening sessions. Also, a natural amphitheatre on the property for performances.

    I would promote it as a secure and private get away for people to come and relax/study/meditate. I would love to host guest speakers from all walks of life, to come and speak about all sorts of topics... from religion, to arts, to music, to politics. Everyone is welcome to attend, the only prerequisite is an open mind, and the willingness to hear other people out, even if you dont agree with what they are saying. I wont invite people to debate or argue, or to preach and convert. Only to share and teach, and let people decide for themselves.

    Of course, full wifi coverage for the entire property. A solar powered mesh project would give access everywhere, with only the upfront cost of installation.. power from the sun would run the equipment year round.

    Oh, and of course there would be a huge zen garden.
    But if you were 100% off the grid, then you would only have a local network. What use is WIFI when you have no net connection? Unless you have your own data storage centre that can hold everything that exists, virus free of course Not forgetting the induction pads for wireless charging of devices.
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