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Thread: TBCS New Members Introductory Thread

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    Default Re: New Members' Introductory Thread

    There are some pretty good modder's here to learn from so you came to the right place.
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    Default Re: New Members' Introductory Thread

    Hmm. Not exactly a "New Member" but definitely been on hiatus a while. *waves at everybody*

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    Hello everyone I've been building pcs for several (million) years and have ended up with the inevitable masses of spares and cases so I thought I would make use of them using them in older games and arcade sims then I thought why not mod a few of the cases too which brought me here I'll no doubt ask loads of questions that have been asked many times before but please be patient with me while I find my way around the board

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    Members are welcome with open arms. Join our community.

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    Hallo iedereen (= Dutch for hello everyone),

    kinda new here, have been watching several of the high quality mods here for a while now and still got nagged about me not posting for the first time .

    First let me intorduce myself a bit. 28 Years old, single, live in the Netherlands, and i work at KLM as a Boeing 737 ground engineer. As a hobby I've been building and maintaining computers for quite some time now, just for the family (some people suggested i'd make it my profession, but I think i'd go crazy with all these people nagging about their computer problems) I do sometimes help friends solve small problems.

    I've been "planning" or having ideas for a pc/case (watercooled) mod for a long long time (over 3 years) now, but i never got around building it due to

    1. Buying a house (which costs money)
    2. wrecking my bike (CBR600 F3 '97) Own stupid mistake (although the date on which it happened might have something to do with it: 6-6-2006, which makes 666 (for the not so numerical inclined among us: 666 ). Replacing it obviously also cost me money O, in case you're wondering what the replacement is: CBR 600 F4i 2001
    3. a year later somebody drove into the back of my car totally wrecking it. (Still haven't replaced it)

    I took me a while to get my financial things back in order again, so i am proud to announce, this project will DEFINITELY start this year, even if i have to start on New Years eve!! . How's that for a vague timeschedule


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    Default Re: New Members' Introductory Thread

    welcome to the forums,
    jump right in, the waters fine...

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    Default Re: New Members' Introductory Thread

    Good to see all these fresh faces. Welcome!
    Need a sig

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    Default Re: New Members' Introductory Thread

    "Welcome everyone, take ya places
    It's great seein all these familiar faces"
    "...Dumb all over, A little ugly on the side... "...Frank Zappa...

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    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a few weeks and reading about the amazing work and effort that has gone into building some of these awesome machines and decided it's time to join as I will be starting a new project which I would like to share on here as soon as some parts arrive.
    I've built quite a few PC's before but only standard types, I've not attempted a complete custom build from scratch including building the case, I've got some ideas but if/how they will work I don't know yet so I will probably be shouting for some help soon

    I'm a motor mechanic by trade (but no longer do it for a job) and motorcycles are my passion but I can't build bikes at the moment because I don't have a garage or even a small shed to use and as I get bored when I'm not making something I thought I would have a go at a PC build in the kitchen
    A little's probably going to be called "Paranoid" and there will be screens and cameras

    Anyone interested in bikes my site is here
    I hope to be back soon,
    cheers, Beta-brain.

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    beta-brain, you should check out the motor mod wich was done with alot of acrylic and watercooling i dont remember the name of it but someone do i am sure of it
    and welcome aboard all
    is that a 120.9 raddy on your case, or are you just happy to see me?

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