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Thread: Socket 478 P4 3.2 cooling solutions

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    Default Socket 478 P4 3.2 cooling solutions

    I have a 478 P4 3.2GHz processor. The stock fan is running at around 5k RPMs, and is noisy! Is there any other fan that I could use with the heat sink I have to reduce noise without increasing temps? I am a cheap bastard, but would consider a new heat sink/fan combo if I could find one at a reasonable price.

    My case is a Lian Li, with plenty of room to grow. I am thinking about adding side and top exhaust fans, maybe even a fan for one of my empty PCI slots. I was thinking about getting a manual controller for one of the 3.5" external bays as well to manage speeds. Would adding more fans and reducing the average speeds reduce the temps enough to make it worth the cost and work?
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    Default Re: Socket 478 P4 3.2 cooling solutions


    Simply put, if you can find a fan that has the same CFM and can adapt it to the correct size it will work the same, maybe better.
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    From what limited knowledge I know about fans and heatsinks, if you can strap a 120mm fan to the heatsink, you could get it to go at a lower speed than old fan (which I'm assuming is smaller than a 120mm if it's a stock P4 cooler). Larger fans can generate the same CFM as smaller fans at a slower speed, which makes it quieter.

    It might take some creativity to mount it, maybe have it on your side panel and then funnel it. Then again, this IS a mod site so I'm sure you'll figure something out.

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