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Thread: Project: PrometheusCu

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Here is the accumulation of all the final part concepts that I'm going to be milling from Copper plate.
    (as always, click for supersize)

    1: Drive Bay Enclosure - Left Side

    2: Drive Bay Enclosure - Right Side

    3: Authenticity Plaque

    4: Front Facade

    5: Bottom Tray/Radiator Housing

    6: Parts List Plaque

    7: Radiator Fan Grill/Mount

    8: Top Fan Grill

    9: Front Lower Tray/LCD housing


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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    A small text update:
    I've ordered a number of small aesthetic copper bits off eBay - everything from copper ribbon wire to fishing rod parts. I may have gotten a bit carried away because I've started bidding on a 1987 Buick Grand National, we'll see if I win tomorrow afternoon.

    I've also ordered 100x5000mcd White LEDs and 100xLED chrome holders/mounts.
    With those comes the need to convert the chrome mounts to copper, so I got my hands on a case of 6x8oz cans of Krylon Premium Metallic Copper Brilliance spray paint - it too has yet to arrive but I've read that it looks just like copper plating.

    This weekend I also spent a few hours in Rhino, modifying my CAD drawings to incorporate some of the revisions suggested to me by the machinist. Hopefully I'll have some precision aluminum prototypes cut this week.

    I expect delivery #2 of 4 of my watercooling parts tomorrow, along with the GTX 280ssc cards - upgrade compliments of eVGA.
    The AquaComputer components will be sent out to me Monday (hopefully).

    I'm in the middle of correspondence with an Indian manufacturer of Copper Braided Sleeving for the tubes and wires. I hope I've finally found a supplier in the form of Sree Lal Guru Industries, despite their reluctance to provide such a small quantity.
    If anyone knows of a NorthAmerican source for "Bare Copper Braided Sleeving" willing to sell small quantities, please link me.

    The last remaining unordered component will be the MIPs 4 RAM Cooler.

    I can see light at the end of the tunnel now.

    I'm on the lookout for a several LED controllers that will support 100 LEDs, something that will allow me to create a custom light show in and on Prometheus... if anyone knows of a source for such a product please let me know... it's proving -like so many of the parts for this project- very elusive.

    Tune in soon, and Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    I forgot to ask:

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on the Lian-Li copper PSU to match this case?

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Parts update for the masses:
    I recieved a package of watercooling supplies today.
    First up - a D-Tek Fuzion rev 2 with quad core nozel insert (insert not installed in below images).

    FeserOne Orange non-conductive coolant, I'd have preferred black but since I'll be using black tubing and no reservoir I don't see the difference... and neither will anyone else, hehehe.

    20x Bitspower Hig Flow 1/2 barbs - dark nickel plated edition.

    Here you can see the difference between the Bitspower fittings and the stock DangerDen and D-Tek ones.

    A Black DangerDen Fillport

    Last but most certainly not least... 15' of Opaque Black Primochill Primoflex 1/2ID tubing.

    I was quite surprised by the width of the wall, I guess I don't have to worry about puncture leaks... too much.

    That's all for now folks, tune in soon!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Yet another update for you all, I got a package in the mail form eVGA today. My -free- upgrade from the 9800GTXssc cards.

    To go with this will be two of these:

    Only they wont be shipping for another 10-days.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Clearly nothing is sacred:

    Naked GTX280's, and I must say that I have a new appreciation for nVidia engineering... the heatsink on these babies was nothing short of a work of art - engineering at it's best.

    They are considerably lighter now only about 245grams

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    A small teaser for you all. I took delivery of my secret weapon today:

    Don't bother asking where, some of, this will be used... that's a surprise.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    A small, bummer, update:
    UPS just delivered my Acrylic Copper Colour 2-way Mirror... but I'm totally pissed! The colour is all wrong. It's more of a 'burnt copper' instead of the 'red copper' colour I'm using. I may still find a use for it, but it's 'mystery purpose' will likely be replaced with carbon fiber pieces. (You can't see though the acrylic here because I've not yet removed it's protective backing).

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Some great news.

    A User by the name of xtreme0915 over at the nVidia SLi-Zone forums has volunteered to donate his old Aquagate Viva Duo Watercooling kit for the benefit or Prometheus. With this comes a cemented decision to watercool the Pico-ITX unit as well as the main system. I'll be purchasing a 40.2 radiator, and using the Aquagate's waterblock/pump to cool the Pico board.

    Another big thanks shout-out goes out to xtreme0915!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    In anticipation of this new generous, unprovoked, donation. I've started making the necessary modifications to the Pico-ITX heatsink.
    Modifications that will allow me to mount the waterblock/pump from the Aquagave Viva unit to the Pico-ITX board.

    This is Part-1 and it is still unacceptably rough. when its finished the edges will be square and it'll sport a mirror shine.

    Here is what I started with:

    Then after a couple hours of Dremel grinding followed by hand filing I came up with this:


    Here you can see the amount of material that needed to be removed, because Via had a recessed spot in the middle of the three screw holes where the fan sat. So I had to bring down the whole surface to be flush.

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