Alright, an update for those who don't stray from the WIP section;
I had to use angle iron instead of flat iron. The flat iron flexed when the cage was hung.

I've been working on the legs for the base. Now, I kinda wish I had gotten more (better) pictures, cause I'm pretty proud of this work lol.
On both the legs, I made notches;

On the bottom side of the frame, corresponding notches;

This is where the arm is welded to the frame. You can see it is notched out here too;

All these pieces fit together like a big 3D puzzle, it really worked great.
The flat bar welded on here at an angle is for the bio-mech skull.

Here are a few pictures showing the legs, post- assload of grinding;

During which my RTX died. So after some shopping around, I decided on this little number;

Eh I'll read this later.

Got a few other things in the mail as well;



Now, I'm not 100% on how to use these, so if anyone has any pointers, it would be appreciated. There are pass-through and end cap connectors there.

And let's not forget;


Speaking of "legs"
On the cage side, the femur will rest on the angle iron. (Which has been cut to length now) I will cut away parts of the bone to fit down on the metal snug.

For the other side, I cut the other femur;

Some grinding blah blah

fits in there great.

Eventually I will stick a carriage bolt in there, reminiscent of the arm;

Some gratuitous shots, how it sits now;