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Thread: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

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    Default 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    Can 15K RPM SCSI drives be used in a desktop? Are 15K SCSI drives better than 10K Velociraptor drives?
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    Default Re: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    If you have a SCSI controller card, then yes.

    Yes and no. There's a variety of factors in speed, other than RPM. There will definitely be faster drives, but probably a few that are slower, as well.

    I am not, by any means, however, an expert on this subject.
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    Default Re: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    Old 15k SCSI drives can be slower than new 7200 RPM drives. And you need a card, and cables, and terminators if the cables aren't self-terminating. SCSI can be a serious PITA, if you're not careful. That said, I love mine. Still PITAs though.
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    Default Re: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    If you really want speed, wait about a week or so for the new Intel SSDs to get to the retailers. Their list price is under $250 for the 80GB version and $440 for the 160GB version, plus Intel claims they're twice as fast as the previous generation.
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    Default Re: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    Yeah, at the price-point you would be hitting, you're really better off just getting SSDs.

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    Default Re: 15K RPM SCSI in a desktop?

    SCSI RAID is insane. in UltraSCSI, up to 16 theoretical devices can be installed, although 16 drives is a bit much. But think of the software RAID capabilities!
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