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Thread: iPod Video display/hard disc

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    Default iPod Video display/hard disc

    my iPod broke few days ago and I don't want to fix it anymore so i tought of reusing it's parts.
    So... is there any way to connect iPod's lcd display without buying something expensive to my comp, or somehow using hard disc (30 GB) as an computer external hd?

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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    not sure about the screen, but you can use the hdd if you get one of these adapters and format the hdd.
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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    I can't get that kind of things, cuz where I live you cant even find fine plexi :'(
    I don't have anywhere to buy these things, and I dunno how to make them on my own :/

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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    Where are you from? We might be able to help.

    Welcome to TBCS BTW.

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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    I'm from Croatia

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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    I'm sure you could get somebody on the forums to forward something to you, if you pay for it first.

    I ship stuff to other countries nearly every day.
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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    I don't own a credit card so I don't buy stuff from net, and I'm underage...
    I get stuff sent from my friend in america but not often though

    And I don't even know what I need for that LCD xD

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    Default Re: iPod Video display/hard disc

    First, in what way is the iPod broke? Does it still connect to the computer via usb? The sound jack on mine broke about a year ago and due to my poor soldering skills will probably never get fixed. It has officially been downgraded to a nifty looking external 60gig HDD--no modifications required.
    I'm not entirely sure if the OS software is required for the disk to connect to your computer via usb, so I never tried formatting it. It would be interesting to know if you could just reformat it as NTFS and make a semi-efficient external drive (assuming you're on a windows PC).

    Unless you just want to tinker with the parts the easiest way to use it as a HDD would be to keep it together, so if it's just a software issue try resetting it to factory defaults or running diagnostics on it: instructions here.
    If it doesn't turn on at all, then see if it still connects via usb, if not two small flat-head screwdrivers popped mine open in just a couple of tries, should work for you too. As long as the HDD itself isn't what broke, the proper adapter will allow you to continue using it for storage.
    As for getting your hands on the adapter: you need AAT18ZIF25(same as what billygoat333 linked so as not to steal any credit) and most likely AA25IDE35. That's $22.98 in parts not including what I'm assuming will be arm-and-a-leg shipping...I'd want to know the HDD worked before even considering this. Hopefully the iPod turns on and you can use the diagnostics to find out...otherwise it's a crap-shoot.

    As for the LCD
    The first pictures looked pretty hardcore to me so I didn't even read the rest of the article...but it looks like it works.

    Happy modding!

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