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Thread: Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

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    Default Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

    Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

    Does your computer glow bright in the night while you are surfing the web and gaming? Enter your computer into the "StreetGlow Computer Case Glow Off", to make sure you take 1st place be sure to take advantage of PC-NeonŽ Connector Kit Sale for $9.99 during this event. Click Here to purchase.

    Tired of that plain box on your desktop?
    Then take advantage of Streetglow's PC-NeonŽ Connector Kit Sale and become a modder yourself!

    Case Modding is an awesome way to turn that plain box on your desktop in to a piece of lighting artwork. Simply using the PC-NeonŽ Connector Kit and up to four of Streetglow's accent lighting pieces show off your hardware. This goes far beyond just hooking up a few neons. Connectors, Fans, Wires all parts of your computer can be tweaked to add to the full effect of your case. There is endless color combinations and effects that can be created using Streetglow products and some creative thinking.

    To see a computer Modded using the adaptor Click Here

    Who: This contest is open to all members of Streetglow Forums. Register

    What: Streetglow Forum's Computer Case Glow Off

    Where: All contest submissions must be made in the Streetglow Computer Case Glow Off Thread.

    When: All contest submissions must be in by (02.25.06)

    Why: One item of your choice off Visit the Streetglow store and look through the vast array of products. Strobe lights, scanners, neons and LED products.

    Glow Cases will be judged on the following.
    Detail in design and layout.
    Attention to detail.
    Unique designs and originality.
    Creative Lighting effects.

    For Complete Rules Visit Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!

    Good Luck To All That Enter!

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    Default Re: Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

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    Default Re: Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

    loser, you have to register and post this on their forums to apply. I did it the last round -- didn't win, but the winner definately deserved it for the creativity of his mod, despite the fact that it wasn't as bright as my computer *looked* (nothing like open shutter night shots, man).

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    Default Re: Streetglow's Computer Case Glow Off!!

    All contest submissions must be in by (02.25.06)
    Also you're about 10 months too late!

    "Thou shalt not bump a dead thread" ..... D'oh!!

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