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Thread: Project: PrometheusCu

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    This is my first real desktop mod, and it's been long in planning. Now that most of my components have arrived and some progress has been made I've decided to share what I've created so far.

    The concept behind this case is to design a simple elegant case jam packed with technology, toys, and a powerful watercooling setup.

    The idea for the design was directly inspired by the case I started with, a 10th Anniversary Lian-Li PC-a60c: *click for big*

    First I'll outline the system components I'll be using:

    Main System
    Lian-Li PC-A60C 10th Anniversary #294 of 300
    Silverstone Strider 1200W Modular ATX
    AMD Phenom X4 9850 BE Quad Core AM2 2.5GHZ
    Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 8GB (4x2GB)
    ASUS AM2+ M3N-HT Deluxe Mempipe 3-way SLI
    2x EVGA E-geForce GTX 280 SSC 648MHZ 1024MB 2.322GHZ

    Secondary System
    VIA ARTiGO Kit A1000 C7 1GHZ 1GB DDR2
    OCZ 1GB DDR2 SODIMM PC2 PC-5400 667Mhz
    Fujitsu 2.5" IDE 5400RPM 120GB
    XDX 7" VGA Touch Screen TFT LCD 1024x768

    PCEngines ALIX.2C1 Kit 3x10/100LAN
    SparkLAN WMIA-207GN WLAN 802.11n Mini PCI
    1GB Type 6 Compact Flash

    Pioneer Slim 8X DVD+/-RW Slot Load
    Slim CD/DVD-ROM to SATA Adapter
    4x Hitachi 3.5" SATA 7200RPM 750GB
    3x LaCie Neil Poulton eSATA 7200RPM 750GB External
    Lian-Li Aluminum 50-in-1 Card Reader

    Mini Nova USB Bluetooth Adapter
    Zalman Plus Multi Fan Controller
    Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon USB TRI-LED LCD 240x64
    2xNexxtech mini 4 Port USB Hub
    AquaComputer multiswitch USB 1.41
    AquaComputer aquaero 4.00 USB

    Air Cooling
    6xScythe Ultra Kaze 120mm x 25mm 133.60CFM
    1xScythe Kama-Flex 80mm x 25mm 34.0CFM
    9xScythe Mini Kaze Ultra 40mm x 20mm 4.86CFM

    Aqua Computer Aquastream XT Ultra USB Eheim 12 V
    Feser XChanger Triple 120mm Xtreme
    D-TEK FuZion V2 Socket AM2 Waterblock
    D-TEK FuZion v2 Quad Core Mid Chamber Insert
    Mips Ram Freezer 4 Ram Waterblock Nickel Edition
    2xAquaComputer G200 waterblock for GX280
    AquaComputer Durchflusssensor (Flow Sensor)
    6xAquaComputer Rotary elbow adapter G1/4]AquaComputer aquaero/aquastream XT temperature sensor 70 cm
    Danger Den Cooling System Fillport Black
    Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT Black 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing
    20x Bitspower G1/4 High Flow 1/2IN Dark Nickel Plated Barb Fittings

    Here is a rough concept of the design plans: *click for big*

    I'm sorry I diddn't take any progess pics so-far but I'll be doing so from here on out.

    Hello All-

    As many of you know, last year, Jesse was forced to place this project, as well as many others, on hold while he was called to head overseas to consult for work. While overseas, Jesse fell ill of e. coli poisoning. Unfortunately, Jesse Lang passed away before he was able to resume his project, leaving millions of people on the forums wondering “where has Jesse gone?”. I was contacted by his lawyer, who notified me of his death and informed me that Jesse had specified that I take over his project and complete his creation.

    My name is Tobias, I, like Jesse, am a Canadian modder that has always had a passion tweaking computers, I am not a stranger to basking in the glow of computer monitors, even as a child. That’s why, when presented with the opportunity, I was very excited to take part in the development of PROMETHEUSCU. Jesse was a technologist, and it became evident very soon after I met him that he had a gift. A gift for taking something mundane, something you would not even look twice at, and reinventing it in a way that would blow any person’s mind. I was fortunate enough to get to know him, and later became his apprentice in the User Experience Design world. He introduced me to the idea being to align my interests, technology and creativity, into a possible career path. Jesse was, and will forever be a huge influence in my life. It would truly be the least I could do to fulfil his request and rebuild PROMETHEUSCU in his honor. Unfortunately, over the past two years in storage, various parts of PROMETHEUSCU have been either lost or pulled for other projects. It is my intention to fulfil Jesse’s wish of completing PROMETHEUSCU by building upon the remnants of the case and original design plans.

    I wish to humbly request that you, the community, would follow me in my quest to honour Jesse's memory through the completion of one of his last great works.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via PM.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Now onto part pictures: *click for big*
    AMD Phenom 9850 BE

    Asus M3N-HT

    SilverStone Strider St1200 1200Watt

    Corsair Dominator RAM

    The 120mm Fans

    The MO TyphoonGX tri-colour

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    After a few hours with the dremel and jigsaw... then many more with a set of hand files I turned my lian-li case into the below:

    The details:
    First I cut out some material from the drive bay area

    I then mounted the Alix 2c1 embedded linux firewall after installing the mini-PCI wifi-n card and the 1GB compact flash

    A cutout was made to allow space for the lan ports on the motherboard tray. Also a box was cut from the drive bay to allow for the pump to be mounted.

    I haven't yet built the pieces that will guide the airflow; but i have installed the fans that will cool the Alix board.

    1/4inch slots will be milled on the panel and dividers will be constructed to guide the air out the slots. Until then, this is how it stands.

    Here is the Pump

    And the mounting bracket put into place

    Two 120mm fan holes were cut from the top of the case

    A large rectangle was removed from the front panel to make space for the 7" touch panel LCD

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    I then built another temporary bracket to hold the PSU in place. This too will be replaced with a CNC machined bracket.

    After cutting a piece of copper plate that will 'compression' fit into place. I used double sided foam tape to afix the slot load dvd-rw.

    I then installed the slim-DVD to SATA adapter.

    The drive is then squished into place, and holds suprisingly well

    Then the pump is mounted to the bracket, this foam is also temporary and will be replaced with black neoprene

    We then come to the Pico-ITX unit that will live in the drive bay

    Here is is installed

    I then cut apart the Corsair Dominator fan assembly and made some temporary mounting brackets, the final brackets will be CNCd as well.

    The zalman fan controller that I'll be using

    Here is the fan contoller installed

    The final fan assembly and some glamour shots

    I also got a Lian-Li card reader, it will be stripped of its case by the end of this mod

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Here is the radiator I'll be using:

    The cutout I made, where it will live. I still have to make mounting brackets for it.

    This is where the hard drive bay will mount

    But first these need to be installed. Again these are only temporary, for fitting purposes, the final peices will be made from copper plate and will be CNC machined.

    Now we can suspend the drive cage

    And finally we come to the below images. This is how Project PrometheusCU sits right now, waiting on delivery of some of my watercooling components.

    As it stands I'm at about 30% complete.

    Hope you all enjoy the work... I've poured pretty much everything I have into this case - in terms of both skillsets and money.

    Please feel free to leave comments, crits, suggestions.

    Tune in soon for more!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Let us begin.

    I've finished the rad mount prototype.

    I started with a 40"x40"x1/8" sheet of used aluminum.
    This panel was once used in the fabrication of Carbon Fiber sheets - the aluminum panel are used to help form the carbon panel. The carbon is cooked in a heated press at ~40,000tonnes. After a short while, about 100 carbon panels, the aluminum develops imperfections and heat stains - It's then thrown away. My Dad runs the Carbon Fiber plant so over the years I have developed a rather large collection of these aluminum sheets.

    After a bit of rough cutting with the trusty jigsaw I did some light filing to clean the cuts.

    Then onto bending

    The final product, minus the holes.

    Once that was complete I checked the fit - luckily the "measure 5-times cut once" methodology continues to work for me.

    A side view, note also that the final bends will be much more precise. I plan on having 'V' shaped groves milled into the copper plate where bends are needed to ensure accuracy.

    Then I had to drill precise holes in the the chassis.

    From there I did a test fit. (Note that the final design will include slots for airflow, I'll post an illustration later today.)
    Almost perfect, I eyeballed the holes in the rad mount prototype and a couple were off slightly. No big loss though because the final product will be machined precisely.

    Thanks for reading! More to come.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Another update for you guys, but there will be more to come this weekend.

    I've finished the tray prototype that will both house the radiator, and lift Prometheus 3.5" off the ground.

    We again start with some aluminum plate. As you can see I've marked out the areas to be cut.

    Like the above post, I've put the jigsaw to work.

    After using the dremel to crudely score the bending lines I put the piece in my bending brake.
    This is what I came up with

    A close-up of the joints.

    Then a test. Perfect Fit!

    And here is how it sits right now.
    In fabricating these parts I've realized that the final design will need to seat the radiator about 1/4" lower. As you can see from the pics, I haven't left enough room for the front rad fan to breathe.
    But that's why I made these prototypes... to narrow in on design flaws such as that.

    That's all the fabricating I'll be doing today, tune in later I'll have some illustrations posted.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    A small update for the masses.
    Here is an idea of what a couple of the copper components will look like.
    From left to right - Front Facade Panel, Top Exhaust Fan Grill, Radiator Grill/Mount. I'll post the designs for the rest of the pieced some time tomorrow; along with some of the illustrations that I'm going to have engraved throughout the case.

    black = cut
    grey = engrave
    dashed = bend
    *click for supersize*

    Added a a 'jagged edge' to the front facade. Since the touch panel LCD covers the traditional front air intake I will need to mill slots in the side of the front panel to act as air intake. The jagged edge will make space for these intake slots. The slots can be seen in the initial design concept illustration

    Thanks for reading! Tune in soon for more.

    As always, crits are welcome and appreciated.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Small update

    Black lines = cut
    Grey lines = engraved
    Dashed lines = bend

    Here is my concept for the plaque replacement on the back of the chassis

    I've also completed the concept for the drive bay enclosure (the piece seen taped into place in this image).

    I modified the original design to encase the lower 3.5" drive bays, and allow for a fill point (nearly forgot about that).
    *click for supersize*

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    welcome to the forums langer!

    i have been watching you silently on BT and i really enjoy this mod so far, good luck with it

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    stunning, how does one tap a hole?

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