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Thread: Bärsärkar-gång

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilinsniper View Post
    Simply amazing!
    Quote Originally Posted by OvRiDe View Post
    Its so good to hear from you Mach, and I am so glad to see this project had not been scrapped. I have always admired your attention to the little details, and this mod is just chocked full of them. Thanks for the update!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheMainMan View Post
    Good to hear you're still working on this! This mod is so incredible that I, for one, don't mind waiting as patiently as I can for more updates. Take your time, the results speak for themselves!
    Quote Originally Posted by d_stilgar View Post
    Yeah! Progress! Great to see more work on this. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Thanks gentlemen! I'll post up more progress when it happens.

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    Default Re: Bärsärkar-gång

    So I can have this when it is done, right?

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