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Thread: Review: Mimo Mini USB Monitor UM-710

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    Default Review: Mimo Mini USB Monitor UM-710

    Introduction: Nanovision has continued to impress us with there latest creations. They are currently in the process of creating convenient USB display devices with additional features that should ultimately reduce desktop clutter, and provide the entire display viewing audience with an amazing all in one peripheral for the home of office.

    Product Application:
    There are hundreds of different uses for a USB display. I use mine as a little Internet PIP window. I can watch tv, and browse the internet while blocking the onscreen channel insignia. It is perfect for displaying Vista Sidebar Gadgets such as the Post-IT Notepad, CPU Meter, Calendar, or any other sidebar item you would like to display. It is most useful with programs that require additional workspace such as Adobe Photoshop. It's also great for browsing your music playlist, watching videos, and playing flash based
    games on the internet.

    Retail Price: $149.99 for $129.99

    The DisplayLink software allows your computer to send a video signal over the USB 2.0 connection.
    It features many options that will allow you to customize your mimo monitor experience.

    Software Navigation:
    1.Insert Disc in CD-Rom Drive
    2.Select the Model Number
    3.Install the Software
    4.Plug in the USB Connector
    5.Let Windows Do the Rest.

    Display Settings:
    Personalization can be accomplished by adjusting the display settings.
    You have the freedom to move the extended desktop to the preferred region.
    Advanced options allow you to identify each monitor individually by number.

    Display Resolution:
    The screen resolution can be adjusted to 800x480 or 480x800.
    Color quality can be toggled between 16 and 32 bit depth.
    Screen rotation is adjusted by 90 degree increments.

    Display Options:
    The display link software includes all of the following settings
    that allow you to adjust your monitor according to preference.


    Mimo Monitors UM-710:

    The Nanovision Mimo UM-710 arrived in small black box that includes a graphic overview of the contents.
    The specifications and product dimensions are highlighted on the back, and side of the box.

    The USB monitor has been carefully packaged. It fits snug, and secure inside the box.
    The LCD display is clearly visible though the front window of the packaging.
    The monitor itself has been covered and protected by electrostatic film.

    The box contains all the following parts required to install the mini monitor on your computer.
    1 Mimo Monitor,1 Stand and Chrome Knob,1 Dual Input USB Cable,1 Mimo Installation CD, and 1 User Manual.

    The included USB cable connects to the back of the monitor.
    Simply plug it into the Mini 5-pin B connector located on the back.
    The opposite end of the USB cable plugs into your computers USB Port.

    The screen has been fastened to the base with the included chrome knob.
    You can adjust the height, rotation, and viewing angle of the monitor.

    There are three chrome buttons on the side of the display.
    The power button, and the contrast button.
    They are located on the right side of the monitor.

    Here is a view of the mimo mini monitor in the vertical position.
    The software allows you to modify the screen rotation angle.

    The base of the monitor rests on two chrome hinges.
    They allow you to tilt the monitor backward and forward by 90 degrees in either direction.
    You may adjust it to meet your personal viewing preference.

    The 7" Widescreen LCD is matte black with a rectangular frame.
    It also includes a decorative chrome pinstripe, and chrome buttons.
    The chrome pinstripe continues around the outside of the frame.

    All the the necessary adjustments can be made by loosening the knob on the back of the monitor.
    Screen height, and orientation adjustments are accomplished by sliding the monitor along the track, and
    refastening it in the desired location with the knob. The following illustrations will guide you through the process.

    Model Name: Nanovision Mimo
    Model Number: UM-710
    Screen Size: 7" Wide
    Resolution: WVGA (800480 pixels)
    Brightness: 350 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1
    Number of Colors: 16.7 Million
    Video Signal: USB 2.0 High Speed
    Connector: USB Mini 5-pin B type
    Input Power: USB Power
    Features: Adjustable Base, Contrast
    Product Dimensions: 195 x 97.5 x 180.2-219mm

    Supported Operating Systems:

    Windows XP, XP 64-bit, Vista, Vista 64-bit
    Drivers for Mac OS X not included in box, but can be downloaded from
    Mimo’s support web page. Only Compatible with Intel-based Macintosh Computers.
    Second USB connection is included for added power on low powered systems.

    1.USB Plug and Play
    2.Offers Extended Workspace
    3.Crisp Display Resolution
    4.Convenient Size
    5.Customization Options
    6.Widescreen Monitor


    1.Short USB Cord

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    Default Re: Review: Mimo Mini USB Monitor UM-710

    ive been thinking about getting one of those, thank you for the detailed review. +rep

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