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    ... Well i have a little problem with a case right now. I dont know if it is grounding the mother board or not... so before i find out the hard way i just wanted to know if any has any ideas on how to fix this! i could just order raisers but i am afraid that its going to move the board to for and the Cards wont fit into the slots. any ideas?

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    Non-conductive washers. But realy, your MB shouldnt be shorting on the case.
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    ^^^^^ true dat

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    cheap way to find out if that is a problem, Double check the Mobo post and make sure you dont have an extra one under the mobo.

    Then where you screw them in at, add some electical tape.

    99.9% of the mobo have fixed that grounding problem but just in case you hit one of the .001 that didn't.

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