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Thread: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

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    Default "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    :wheee: :wheee: Mod of the Month Jan 2012 :wheee: :wheee:

    PLEASE SEE THIS POST .TONS MORE PHOTOS THERE. (Including Benchmarks)" BUT dont skip the build log or you'll miss the making of it!

    Where i got some of the inspiration from for this BuildNot my car! Just Love the Vipers)

    NZXT had a little surprise for me Check it out:

    Great guys at added a great article on "Venom" ,Thank you Bill Owen and Crew : Link is here:

    Not very good at video's but this is the best i could do:Hope you enjoy it.

    Added a little Video here:

    Some of the Mod's Done:
    All Rivets drilled from Case and torn completely apart!
    Complete tear down off case drilled out all rivets Cut out HDD cages and tossed them,
    Complete Custom Paint all done with HVLP guns in Lacquer base coat /clear coat wet sanded and buffed took over a weak in painting and buffing to get a showroom finish(Glass like).
    Made many Custom harnesses from scratch so no wires are showing but the few i want showing.
    Custom plates made on the 5.25 bays for mounting the SSD drives and making the wires invisible.SSD wiring was also custom made by me.
    Took Antec Veris apart and rewired it to get rid of the ugly huge plugs that came with it.(Soldering involved)
    Took power supply apart painted it and sleeved from inside the power supply to the end of every wire with Paracord. Also all psu wires were reworked to fit Venom only.No left over wiring.Bought new Pins and re pinned the wires i shortened from the psu.
    Made a rear plate for the 5.25 bays to hold the Reservoir with cutouts for the tubing to come through.Also both plates on the 5.25 cage where made to easily remove for quick access. Bottom of the 5.25 cage has also been modded for the return Tubing to enter and c channel molding was also used there.
    Welded tabs with an arc welder to mount the plates to the 5.25 bays and also had to build a really fast hacked Sheet metal break just to be able to make these parts.In process of making a way better one now.
    Made a new rear plate from Copper because that was all i had in stock at the moment so i had to work with it.Cut the perfect circle for the Psu Wires to go through with only a dremel.and made other holes for the power switch wires etc. Also the rear plate is covered in the same Vinyl materiel i used one the SSD mount and Res mount plates.A 2 TB WD Black Hard drive IS ALSO mounted the the rear of the back plate.I wanted inside very clean and no Hard drives showing bedside's the SSD's.Custom window Mod including the small window displaying my SSD raid setup.The snake and name in the front is all done in paint with a HVLP detail gun and looks just like a sticker.very hard to tell the difference unless you feel the paint and realize its flat.All fans replaced with Asaka Viper's.Custom feet made to lift the case 2 inches and the bottom of the case cutout for better airflow.Feet also wrapped in Vinyl.LED'S in Fan controller and power switches have been switched from blue to white by me and was a nightmare doing the fan controller.Complete cooling design was done by me with help from members of the water cooling section to make sure it would work and it does.My Res fills from bottom to top so stays completely full and the results were perfect.Bottom and top Rads are both setup in Push/pull config with 9 fans total pushing over 80 cfm each.Venom powers on and off by remote control.Sleeved and modded 2 Cold Cathodes and mounted them up top hidden and made 2 led strips that i cut to length and made the wiring and and sleeved and installed them to add some more lighting to the bottom rad area and front fan area.And there's more then this even.I had to make many of the tools for removing pins pins etc. and i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff but you get the idea.I worked on Venom roughly a month straight many nights with no sleep at all and i have built and tore it back down many times to fix small details.I wanted Venom Clean looking and looking like it was meant to look like it does.I think i accomplished my goal and hope you guys love it and can appreciate the work i put into her.

    Well as many of you know i now Sold Requiem Revamp (My Sig Rig) and am going all out on my new one.I ordered tons of stuff already and have most of it so i will be posting as i go.First i need to make sure everything works before Voiding warranties with painting,Sleeving, and chopping stuff up

    If you like my new build please nominate it for build of the month.If you think it deserves it that it.
    Finally gave it a name and i want to save the Bumblebee theme for my sons Pc. So since all my Fans are Vipers and they kick arse.I am naming this Rig "VENOM" Not to mention the Rig does have a nasty Bite to it

    REVAMP! Changing the tubing to Black with the yellow Coils.Waiting on the mail!

    Please Remember they don't make a Yellow Phantom.

    The Motherboard (Beastly!) AsRock Fatal1ty Professional Z68 Gen3 Board!

    Testing Parts before voiding warranties

    Before i start here are some photos of a Stock un Modded Phantom (also they don't make yellow Phantoms) I added these shots so you guys can get an idea of how much Modding was actually done to Venom:

    This 1 Photo is my Phantom when i started just out of the box.the rest are just showing random shots of a white Phantom with Blue Lights.I also changed all the Led's on the power buttons and Fan controller to white,which was a nightmare.

    Ok now Let's get Modding!

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Some Quick runs on the 2700k no real tuning it in yet but easily stable at 5ghz ram at 2133 on 8 threads.Only 1 Rad in at the moment just couldn't help giving here a run before tearing it back down again.To start modding.
    So far she looks like shes going to be a beast!

    Bummer 1 point off. Damn scoring makes no sense.( I know useless scoring but still nice to have solid 7.9's)
    Kinda crazy that an i7-2700k @ 5ghz cant achieve top windows score.

    Sorry took so long to post some new stuff (Had a little drama going on) Anyway ill start will what else i ordered and then show you where i am at with it:

    EK-MultiOption RES X2 - 250 Advanced - Liquid Cooling Reservoir (8 Total Ports); 10 " Long

    x 2 Bitspower G1/4 Thread 90-Degree Rotary 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Compression Fitting x1Bitspower Ultimate G 1/4 Thread 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Compression Fitting:

    x10 Akasa Viper 120mm PWM Fan w/ Hydro Dynamic Bearings (83.63 CFM) and 1 Akasa Viper 120mm PWM Fan w/ Hydro Dynamic Bearings (110.61 CFM)

    15 feet C-Strip Rubber Fan/Window Molding:

    Plus 100 feet of each color Para cord shown below:

    And heres where i am at with her at the moment:

    And this is before the clear coat, wet sanding and buffing:

    Just sitting in place but remember theres no clear coat yet and that makes a huge difference!

    Keep watching Much more to Come soon!! Also let me know what you think so far.Tons of work ahead of me.

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok some more UPDATES. I received all my fans and my Reservoir that is huge but looks great.and it fits.I also just sprayed the top yellow also.I cant paint the rest until windows are cut and everything on the fram is figured out.I am also making some new Hard drive mounts and 5.25 custom bays so that has to be done before the frame gets paint to.Still deciding if i want to do black and yellow theme of carbon Fiber and yellow theme.Pretty sure im going with black and yellow because i have to much hardware that i don't want to wrap like CPU block,ram block rads etc.
    Painting is so much work when doing a base coat/clear coat system (first wetsand,next spay with Adhesion Promoter,then Spray with Primer,then sand again,then spray with base coat a few times,then wetsand again,then wipe down with Alcohol and tak rag it and spray the clearcoat,then wetsand the clearcoat with different grits and then finally buff and polish.Oh yeah dont forget both sides of every piece )

    Also my new compression fittings and c channel molding arrived today.Still waiting on my sleeving ,my new mouse and some other stuff i cant think off.Oh yeah also i posted my video card for sale somewhere so im hoping the 7970 comes out soon!

    Heres a shot of my Million new fans:

    i also set the new Multimedia center in place for measurements:

    And heres a shot of the bottom Rad Put Together:

    Picture of top in yellow (Shes starting to look like something now)

    Started working on the 5.25 bay now. Looks like a mess at the moment but trust me it will look nice when you see it done.Trying to Mod as much as i can on the case its self this build.

    Work in Progress:

    Lots to do to finish the 5.25 bay also welded some tabs on this morning but didnt take pictures it was freezing out.

    And some other stuff i was getting ready:

    Staying with the 6970 till the 7970 comes out. (This 6970 rocks all the games out @ 1000/1500 never reaching over 45 degrees anyway)

    My Ram running Stable with Cpu @ 5 ghz 8 threads 2136mhz

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Some more updates:

    Basically everything still under construction !

    Oh yeah got a new Paint gun set ( Professional Set) and a cool mouse for Xmas !

    Was used to paint this Build!

    Ok heres some new Updates! Its far from finished but you can kinda see the idea i am doing with the 5.25 bays now.It wont be clear plexiglass like it is now!

    Here She is. Any Comments? The white hose is going also.

    Yes i will be Sleeving the entire Psu from inside out and changing cable lengths etc.And heres some more UPDATES!

    This is how she looks now.Still not even close to done:Working my arse off too.

    Sorry the pictures look horrible the lighting in my house is terrible.When finished my aunt (A photographer is going to help me take Photos.Because it look s way way better in person.)

    And new stuff on the way! :

    PrimoChill PrimoFlex PRO LRT Tubing 1/2"ID 3/4"OD with 1/8" Wall

    PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coils - 3/4" OD Tubing - Yellow

    Bitspower G1/4 Thread 90-Degree Rotary 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Compression Fitting

    Dual 12" Cold Cathode Kit -- White

    x2 Lighted Crystal LED Plug - White (Screw into my EK Reservoir)

    And a few of these for re wiring the Psu

    I swear its all the Little stuff that kills ya in the budget area!

    Oh yeah no fancy shapes with my Window mod.I just decided on a full window.At least that's what im thinking for now.Maby something up my sleeve but for now full window it is i believe.

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Sorry so long without an update i needed a days sleep to get started again.been working on it literally around the clock!

    Psu is now sleeved all in yellow and black Paracord.
    Still waiting on Tubing and the other cooling parts.

    Things to still be done:

    Need to finish window Mod when decide on a design (Have the molding and plexi)
    Need to make custom feet still to raise roughly 2 "
    Need to finish wiring and Sleeving everything else.All wires have to be custom made for SSD drives etc.
    Need to change all tubing and some fittings around and leak test loop.
    Waiting on new Video card releases before upgrading cards (already sold off 1 of my 6970's)
    Need to make some more panels
    Thinking or a little more work to the Psu (More customization)

    I Think thats about it. I already had it running and ran some benchmarks with 1 rad in it results are in the beginning of the build log.

    Ok i have the clear Primoflex Pro Tubing in 1/2" x 3/4" with 1/8" wall.

    The first Photos are going to be with just the clear tubing that will be running Distilled water and Biocide or if i can get the new yellow Mayhem's working on then it will probably be getting that.

    So basically im showing 2 option here clear tubing & clear fluid or Yellow fluid.

    The next set of Photos i will be trying yellow coils on the Tubing just to see if i like it or not. (and i will ask your guys opinions of course)

    Heres the Clear (Dont mind the messy wires etc.Everything is still coming out after to finish the Feet and some wiring work, drilling etc. :

    As usual taking the Photos on my iPhone and cant get it right.I took a bunch so maby you can see the way it really looks in one of the angles.

    Ok heres new Updates with the Coils on and remember there are more black Vinyl panels being added and im hoping to incorporate some of the Chrome to the outside of the case also.

    Here's The Coils what you think?

    Thanks guys,also i am up for nomination for Mod of the month so please vote on it if you love it.

    Here's a small update Sleeving some of the little wires and making some new custom wiring for my SSD's.

    Heres a small update i just sleeved x2 Bitspower White Led Reservoir Plugs.


    After: they will be wired together to 1 plug later.

    And here are the lights installed with no water yet though.I added 2 one on top and one on bottom.I was told 1 was enough but am glad i got the 2.
    Not sure how good the camera will show it lit up.But theres many other lights to go in this is just the one tube done:

    As i thought hard t see the light with my iphone camera

    And here She is with some Cathodes in her.There not mounted yet so look a little funny but you can see the idea.I also have 6 inch led strips and 2 Nzxt white 22cm kits and some strobe lights .Not sure what the final setup of lights will be.Bu they will be cool i promise

    Here is the Cathode look 2 x 12":

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok time for some really boring updates but its still part of the log so here they are:

    Custom Wire harness for my SSD drives and Dual Layer Burner drive:

    Before shots:

    And After:

    And here it is installed Completly invisible: (Both the Power and Sata's are hooked up to the SSD's and Dvd Burner even though you cant see them.

    More Updates:

    Sleeved and installed 2 white Cathodes. (Paracord)

    Cut to length and wired 2 led strips for the front panel and to add a little light down lower.

    Added Black Pci Slot Covers! (Love Them) : it hides the red slots.

    Before Covers:

    After Covers:

    And Finally The Pretty Pictures!

    That's all for now still working hard on it.

    Please Nominate and Vote on it for "The Mod of The Month Contest" if you Love it !!

    Link to Contest:

    Take care and keep checking back for Updates!

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok guy i will try to get these updates in best i can since i am trying to make the deadline for the Mod of the Month Contest but i am literally half asleep and need a new keyboard because mines messed up.I have a Wanted post up also looking for an affordable used gaming keyboard in the Usa.

    First thing you might have Noticed is that the Build now has a name.Its Name Is Venom!

    I figured its running all Viper fand that cost me a fortune and i love them,and inside my case has snakes on all the fans so i decided the Name Venom.
    The other reason i chose the name is because i like how this Photoshop i made of my cover looks.I really want to add red Led's for eyes also and i will go back and base the rest f the build on this theme.Honestly no sleep at all again i worked round the clock and got tons done.I am actually typing on it and the 2 reservoir idea worked Perfect!Lower temps ,More fluid and looks cool.

    Anyway before i fall asleep on my keyboard lets get started with some Updates.

    Ok theme i decided on with red Led lights for eyes!

    Ok now for some down and dirty stuff:

    Slot Covers (Not sure i may have showed this already)


    Ok next i had to Raise the Case with some custom made Feet (By ME) Tai raise the Phantom 2 inched so mt bottom 240 Rad with Push/Pull had enough room to dump the heat the 4 83.65 CFM Fans were throwing from that rad.I also Cutom a whole in the bottom of the case so there was no air restriction:
    Feet are not Completed they are Prototypes you could say:


    NOW USING IT. (not finished but at least i can use it while i work on some of the other stuff.

    And finally some Shots of the UN finished feet (allot more work then they look and my Dremel caught on fire today so now i need to find a new one

    And for the Cuteness Factor Our new baby Joey (Sugar Glider born during this Phantom build) Dont forget if you got an old gaming keyboard PM ME wh a price,condition,and Photos if possible .This one is missing half the letters i click.

    Hope you enjoyed the new updates.At some point tommorrow we are going to push this thing and see what it can do! so dont miss it and please dont forget to Nominate and volte for me for od of the month if you Love this build.

    Ok cant cant my eyes open another second Take care all my friends .Fell free to subscribe to my threads or add me as friends.


    Don't mind miss spelling i can barely see the screen!

    Oh yeah P.S before i go to sleep .I would appreciate any Window ideas i still need to do that shorty and i have all the stuff.I am thinking on just a plain full size window to show off my talent and hard work i put on the inside of this case.Most people have NO idea how hard it is to do a grown up full Mod using real Paint .Para cording for sleeving.

    Anyway thanks for looking and replying.Yous guy that visit my threads are the whole reason i do what i do.If nobody ever looked i wuldnt do it anymore probably.

    Night Guys & Gals

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    As promised i said i would do some quick Benchmarks and overclocking to see how strong "Venom's", Venom actually is well this is just quickly screwing around but 5.2 GHz on all 8 Threads was a breeze 100% Prime and Intel Burn test Stable. Working on 5.3 now but i really need to get my window cut first.I can boot no problem at 5.3 but needs some tweaking to be prime stable. My temps under full load at 5.2 GHz was around 65 to 68c

    Here's some proof:

    And a Link to the Validation.

    And here's my Windows Experience Scores:

    Will add some more benchmarks by editing this post in a little while Stay Tuned.

    Conclusion: Yes The Venom Is Potent !

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok newest updates Spent some time trying to make an original window that hasnt been done yet and works with my build.Trust me this is hard because there are so many Phantom owners now modding.

    First i want to show how small my work area is that i do all my modding in.In this tiny Shed i have:
    Sandblasting Station
    Compressor Setup for Painting with HVLP Spray Guns.
    Complete Powder Coating spray boot and setup.
    Grinding wheel with brush
    Many many Hand help Power tools. Dremels,Drills,Jigsaws,Rotozips,Grinders,buffers etc.
    Small Arc welder
    Torch set Oxygen and Acetaline
    and tons more in 8'x10' tiny shed i can barely stand in.I just wanted to post this to show you don't need much to be a Full Fledged Hacker/Fabricator/Modder or whatever you prefer to call it.It just takes alot of hard work. Sure a machine shop with a CNC ,Bridgeport,Lathe and Laser Cutter would be nice but not all of use can afford or have access to that.So with some where Blood,Sweat and Tears you can accomplish anything really.I also am ASE Certified Mechanic with over 25 years experience and built some really nice cars and lifted trucks,Motorcycles,Boats you name it i built it.This is what i love to do and for the Last 12 years now its been Computers i have been into!

    Heres my little workshop! Most equipment is covered right now because i have been painting this build lately and still have more painting to do.I also have a small plastic tent i made next to the Shed that i use for Painting to keep the Dust out mainly when i am Clear Coating.

    Ok Blabbing is over here's some more updates on the Window Mod and i only lost a little blood during this one:Still filing and sanding to do and of course the paint and Molding.

    Ok here's what we got so far and im still going night and day to make the deadline for Mod of the Month Contest.Still need to finish the feet and finish painting the Venom Logo and Name on the front.(Just to do that it has to be wet sanded again painted in Jet Black Clearcoated ,then wetsanded again and finally buffed and polished.) I want to Thank Kaged for helping with the masking for the project .it would have took me forever to cut it all out by hand but i will show the masking he whipped up for me also below in a picture.I still need to paint my monitor to match (it was painted to match my white Phantom so need to repaint it again). and also thinking of maby doing something small to my New keyboard and mouse ,but nothing drastic because i usually change builds so much.I am pretty sure i am keeping this build but i end up getting bored and love modding so who knows.I know i will keep it at least through Ivy Bridge because its Ivy ready and has dual Pcie 3.0 slots so its ready for Crossfired Ivy when its released. I really want 2 6990's but who knows we will have to what and see what happens.Also Mayhem has his new Yellow Coolant ready for me but if i use it it wont be in time for the Mod of the Month .

    All these Photos are before Final Wet Sanding, Buffing and Polishing! It really dont need it i layed the paint on pretty nice but its still getting it.

    Heres the masking That Kaged helped with for painting the front door. (Thanks Kaged!) : He did an amazing job with them !

    And here's the new keyboard Mouse and remote to control the beast! Horrible pictures though

    And here's the beast that's been sucking the life out of me for the last month ! (Im loving it though really )

    And here's the Front before i start modding it thats next ! also a shot of the media center and drives at the moment.:

    Lots more to come keep watching.You'll either see me collapse of exhaustion or see an Amazing Finished Phantom when its all over !

    I love the Media Center i Get them for all my Pc's but i use the older software with it called iMEDIAN HD the new software i don't like. But the things great it turns your Pc on or off it plays every movie file type including Blu Ray all Formats, MKV,M2TS,i forget the other blu ray types but it plays them also.Plus it plays all the normar AVI,WMV,MP4.MP3 FPEG. It really is awesome and a must have if you hook to a big screen.I have my Pc always connectes to a 55" Toshiba and my 23" Monitor so the kids and wife can watch movies while i am on my pc. We also have Hulu Plus and Netflix so we dont have a Cable bill at all.and have Magic Jack for our house Phone so we pay only an internet bill.

    I almost forgot here's the door with the black c channel on it.Still need to cut the case and the plexi to finish the window Mod.

    Ok new Update .My Tubing isnt going to work so its a whole 10 feet of trashed Primochill Primoflex tubing in the trash.I just ordered a new roll of it in Black.But the whole night wasnt a waste i got started on the new rear Plate that is going in and everything needs to come out anyway to put it in so i figured perfect timing that the tubing needs to be replaced.

    Heres the progress on the new real plate.Had no regular stock so used a nice sheet of copper.So i better keep my Pc away from the scrappers around here because they steal copper from everywhere .

    Any way not much progress but its something :

    Next i need to figure out where to cut all the wholes for the Wires and add stand offs or something to mount the Storage drive behind the rear door.And then it will all be wrapped in black like the 5.25 bay Project was..

    New Updates and i am so happy i didnt mess it up.I think i was shaking the whole time .I just got done painting the Snake Head ans Build name on the front door of my case. I mixed the paint to dry fast so it wouldnt eat through the masking.but that meant getting the masking off fast before the paint dried to much.Luckily i timed it perfect and it came out great. Here is what i did and the tools i used.Sorry couldnt get any shots in the spray area of my spraying.It would destroy my iphone because the black mist is all in the air. But i got logged as much as i could.

    Heres before:

    Heres most of the stuff i used: (Tools Etc)

    Heres the door All Masked off:

    Mixing and straining the paint. Lol really close to my coffee. I don't recommend this

    And heres after spraying (I so wish i could show the painting part i really need to figure a way out to)

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok newest Updates I am now clearcoating and hopefully cutting the Plexi tonight for my window.And then getting ready to drain the system and tear it all back apart again.heres some Photos of Clear Coating the front door and i added a few Pictures showing my tiny spray booth i made for Spraying outside.I add a de humidifier and small heater in the little booth before painting.Its so small i have to paint kneeling down.I also add to spotlights inside so i can see how the paint is laying on.

    Here's The Photos. Hope you like Them:

    Here's the tiny paint booth i paint in (Its kinda funny but works well) Also the shed i do all my work out of .Its crammed full of stuff including Powder coating setup,Compressor,Sandblasting station, Grining wheel,Welder and other stuff like that.I dont get much room to work.But if thats what it takes to be able to Mod then that's what i have to do.

    The Gloss Clear coat Lacquer and Gun i used for this job. (Added an extra air filter equaling 4 do to the weather)

    Here's the front door before clear coat. All the black snake and Venom name is Paint not a sticker!

    Only shot of me actually Painting.I dont trust the camera in there with the paint mist everywhere.What i am doing in the Photo is laying down a very light mist coat of clear.I let that tack up a little and then start laying down medium coats.I will probally lay down 7 coats on this door then knock it down by wetsanding and buffing.That will give the Glass like effect when you look at it will feel smooth as glass after buffing and polishing :


    Will post more photos when its finished!

    And here's the difference clear coat makes. I tried getting the best shots i could showing the actual surface.

    Some tiny Updates because i have been relaxing a bit getting ready for some huge updates that have to do with tearing the whole thing back down to the bare frame to do.

    I just wrapped the Custom Feet in the same Material used on the inside panels i made:


    Trying to decide what to do with the Aluminum part of the feet.Either Polish the to look like Chrome,Paint them either black or yellow.Or totally re design them.Not really sure yet.They work extremely well for what i wanted out of them.Wich was airflow for the bottom Rad. Thas running 4x Akasa 120mm Ultra Quiet Venom Viper Fans Pushing and pulling at 83.63 CFM each so i had to raise the case for it to work out right.

    I have been thinking of some really over the top Mods to the case but they are all in my mind and i don't know how much further i am going to take this rig.As far as changing the complete design at least.I might save that for another build.

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