Well after a good few months and a lot of work it is time to show you what has been done, as the finish line has been reached, I know some people will have some different opinions on this mod as I had a hard time deciding where to make the right marks, scuff marks and loose cables, as well as adding scratches mark and even dirt in some places, I know it sounds strange, but I found it hard second guessing myself on this project.

Anyway guys here are the final pictures, I hope you enjoy, added some white edge on a couple of pics that edges were not clear with black background.

Now we have seen the outside and a few wear marks here and there, let us take a look at the worn used been In a battlefield look (excuse the lame pun ) inside.

The picture below and above should give you some idea of some of the work gone into this, you would not believe how long it took me to get the back panel and the bottom of the case looking like that, itís a in use for months look that looks dusty and dirty, but you cannot actually wipe it or move it.

I think I nailed it tbh, but thatís my opinion.

Wear and tear on inner door hinges, as well as rough looking edge cut to tie it in ( I did of course plan to file down and add u channel, but it just looked too clean), I also done some nicks and a few notches on this edge (using small thin round modelling file) and loose molex pushed down into groove of at back of window frame, the actual molex is not needed as the lighting I done for the window (orange leds one side white the other) runs from the contact switch on the chassis (black wire next to hinge)

I know some will either like or love the rough and ready look, but again I had give it a Battlefield used feel as well so for me it was a must, nearly got a bit carried away with the used look though as I was going to take the sand paper to the back plate on the EK GPU block as well :O, but as I could not do the cpu block as well so I decided against this.

I am well happy with the used dirty look I got on the inner section, but yet keeping the actual components of the rig squeaky clean, I also love how the dirty industrial tubing looked as well, and I think it ties in nicely with the build.

Now letís power it up shall we

Side panel without the Left sided LED lit up, and yes that is a green piece of acrylic looking like its orange

Now a few of the side panel lit up showing how it looks when walking left to right at the window

Thanks to the contact switch when the case is opened the lights cut on the windowed panel, which leaves the inside lit up with a nice calm orange glow.

Last but not least, the Keyboard and mouse, here is how they came out.

They keyboard is just right a small hint of the theme, but making it still tie in.

Have already had a bash with the mouse and keyboard gaming and all I want to say is manufactures take note a material side feels much better than a rubber or plastic one!
I do have a little more planned for this, but that is once it gets back from its outing later this month.

I also plan to do a little video of the rig running, Until then I hope you enjoyed my take on a Battlefield 3 PC that has seen a bit of action.