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Thread: The Avengers

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    I saw it today with my wife. 2D and . . . maybe it's just the theater I go to, but I swear it almost seemed 4:3. Still, it was great. Fantastic humor, great portrayal of the characters. I really have to say that this is the best franchise I've ever seen made into a movie. Good things have happened before, but never lasted as long as this.

    X-Men: They still seem to be making some stuff, but X3 was crap. First Class was decent, so was that Wolverine movie (which they are making more of). X1 was great, X2 was okay.

    Spiderman: 1, Awesome! 2, Good. 3, What the heck happened?

    Batman Begins: 1, Awesome! 2, Somehow better. 3, isn't out but they know to quit while they are ahead.

    Avengers: Iron Man, Awesome. The Incredible Hulk, Great. Iron Man 2, Good. Thor, Good enough. I don't know how else they could have set up the back story for him. Captain America, Great. Now they do The Avengers, the sixth in the series and it's just as good as any of the others. It rivals the first Iron Man in many ways. And they are going to do more. Iron Man 3, Avengers 2, Captain America 2, hints at a Black Widow and/or Hawkeye movie, and more. And I don't want it to stop yet.

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    damn, that pretty much covers it.

    i saw it in 2d too and i noticed it wasn't as widescreen as it should have been. but i do think it was close to 16x9 which is just right for video!

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    I didn't notice any thing like that in the theater I saw it in. I have to say it was fricken awesome! I wish I could go see it again a few times in theaters! Any ways I give it a 10/10 because the story made sense and the action was great.
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    The 3D didn't seem to add much to it. Slow start but a good movie and I'm not a fan of superhero movies.
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    loved it... **** you if you dont... best movie ever hahahahahahahaha even my 6 year old daughter thinks it was the best movie she has ever seen!!!

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    I love the Avengers movie especially Iron man. He's the coolest.
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