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Thread: Fans For a New Case?

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    Default Re: Fans For a New Case?

    Those NZXT fans move a ton of air. There's actually a louder one that I put in my R2M5 that moves 160CFM's
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    Default Re: Fans For a New Case?

    The case fan that I ordered for my computer is functioning excellently, thus far; it moves a great amount of air and is nearly silent. As for the CPU cooler that I ordered, however, I believe that I shall save it for my next computer, because it may not fit into my current case, plus, the current CPU cooler is adequate for my usage, and there is also the possibility that I might need to remove the motherboard to install it, and that is a task that I do not wish to undertake at the present time, because of how time-consuming it is.
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