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Thread: Nexus 7 Tablet

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    Quote Originally Posted by OvRiDe View Post
    I have been following it and kept myself from pre-ordering it a couple of times now. I bought a cheap $60 Velocity Micro tablet running Android 2.2 off of Woot not too long ago to get my feet wet. Now that I think I could get some mileage out of a tablet I am ready to move on up. I looked at the Kindle Fire and the Nook.. but with no BlueTooth, Front facing camera, and GPS they aren't much of a step up from the Velocity Micro. The one gain would have been processor and GPU which the Velocity Mirco is non-existent. The one concern I have is the lack of expandable storage. It would be sooo much better if they would just include an SD slot on it.

    I was also thinking about waiting out the Windows Surface and other Win8/WinRT offerings. I haven't messed with Win8 yet but generally I think the Windows route would be a better fit for my needs. I don't have alot of faith in the RT version but the Win8 pro version should run just about anything I would need it to. But so far it looks like the price tag isn't going to be worth it for me. So far I have seen some "leaked" pricing for the RT version being $599 and the full blown Win 8 pro version being $999. The Acer Iconia offering looks like its going to be between $599 and $799. I don't think I can get enough use out of it to justify shelling out that kind of money. I figure eventually after Dell, HP, Asus, and Acer fight it out there will be some better deals out there, but for now I think I will just wait with something like the Nexus 7.
    I was also thinking about waiting for surface but I'm not sure that I could see myself actually coming up with the money for one. I feel like it will be a much better machine though. I was pretty much hoping that surface would be able to serve as a genuine laptop replacement and then I could just have a Desktop at home. If the specs are actually comparable to a full Windows laptop i'm guessing 800-1000 for a Surface for the "Pro" version. I definitely wouldn't consider WinRT but that's only because i want ditch my laptop once i pick one of these up.
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    From what I have been reading the nexus 7 is going to be selling at cost. In fact below but big deals would keep Google in the green. However on a whole the tablet should be phenomenal value for money

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    Plus you get $25 in Google Play, and it has wallet and if it's your first time using it you get a $10 Google gift card.

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