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Thread: 3D modelers interested in a contest? (POLL)

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    Default 3D modelers interested in a contest? (POLL)

    It's been a while...

    I'm curious how many of you CAD geniuses would be interested in a fairly simple contest. The starting point will be a Glock handgun and it's up to you to sexify this concept:

    Based on level of interest, I'll let you guys decide what the prize will be. SSD, CPU, GPU's, Cases, giftcards? If not many decide to play but you are interested, feel free to shoot me a PM. If you know of a 3rd party, not particularly TBCS members but in this line of business, let me know, though I'd like to reach out to TBCS before outsourcing to an actual company.
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    Default Re: 3D modelers interested in a contest? (POLL)

    I would be more interested in a contest to design a custom case rather than a glock. So I'll pass.

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