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Thread: Will DSP's in Power Supplies Gain Greater Popularity?

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    Default Will DSP's in Power Supplies Gain Greater Popularity?

    Recently, I became aware of this power supply here, which, among its numerous power-saving features, uses a digital signal process (DSP) to establish a data connection between it and the computer's motherboard, thus giving the user almost complete control over the power consumption and cooling systems of the computer.

    That is an awesome feature, but the power supply that uses it is very expensive at the present time, so, if the DSP proves to be sufficiently popular, will Corsair include it on less-expensive models, and will other manufacturers eventually incorporate it into their units? I would very much like to see that. What does everyone else say on this subject?
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    Default Re: Will DSP's in Power Supplies Gain Greater Popularity?

    To be honest I am amazed its not being used by more power supplies. There is nothing really stopping it being implemented. I hope to see more of it in the future

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    Default Re: Will DSP's in Power Supplies Gain Greater Popularity?

    I really like the Corsiar Link. If I had a lot of money I think I would get a bunch of the CL stuff for my computer.

    I think that a computer case company could really benefit from doing something like that integrated into the case itself. The Alienware ALX machines with the fins that open are pretty cool, and I like the fan and lighting control that the Corsair Link gives. If it could all be integrated within a well designed case then it would be really amazing.

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