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Thread: Will There Ever Be Fancy Displayport Cables?

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    Default Will There Ever Be Fancy Displayport Cables?

    As the HDMI format has gained popularity, numerous manufactures have produced many different cables, some with fancy colors and designs, and I myself currently am using a black HDMI cable with red stripes for my computer monitor, which I certainly find to be aesthetically-appealing.

    However, I do wish to eventually change from using HDMI to using Displayport for my computer monitor in the future, as I have heard that Displayport is a superior interface to HDMI. That transition should not be difficult, but I have noticed that nearly all Displayport cables are plain black in color and lack the flair that many HDMI cables have, which is unfortunate, as I am fond of my computers being fancy in their appearances.

    Therefore, does anyone here know if manufacturers shall eventually produce Displayport cables with fancy colors, as they currently are doing for HDMI cables? I would very much like to see that.
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    Default Re: Will There Ever Be Fancy Displayport Cables?

    it's just cable sheathing and I have already seen sheathing on DP cables with stripping that does include red.

    Since it is not a standard cable for your home theater or console I doubt you'll see the same variety of cables as you do with hdmi. To a degree there should be a range of different styles and quality but not the same scale as hdmi.

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