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Thread: TBCS forums vs Android

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    Default TBCS forums vs Android

    Sorry to report that I just can't get TBCS to work on my mobile. The pages seem to get caught up in all sorts of frustrating slow loops, it's hardly possible to read anything before it flashes away and utterly impossible to submit any sort of post. The forums still work perfectly on my work PC.

    Mobile device is a rooted LG Eclypse C800G, Android 2.3.4-2.3.6, some sort of default Google Android browser and Firefox 23.0 ... I get the same problems with TBCS on both. TBCS site issues remain after uninstalling everything else, although the only app I can imagine causing any possibility incompatibilities might be the File Manager.

    I'll admit my Android knowledge is limited, I haven't really bothered to tinker much with it because the device already works well enough for my phone/etc needs. This is the only site which won't work well for me, among those I visit.

    Any suggestions for a fix?
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    Default Re: TBCS forums vs Android

    I am guessing it has something to do with your device or your version of android. I am running android 4.4 on my phone and nook tablet and everything loads fine.
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